Birthday Week Runs

Well, winter came (back) to Cleveland this week and just in time for my birthday. We had a few inches of snow come on Saturday, and it basically kept snowing through Monday. How did that impact my running? While I opted to stay inside some days, I did put on my Yak Trax and get outside a few times.

Here is a look at the week as a whole:

Some highlights-

I finished watching the second season of YOU on the treadmill. Wow! I only watched it while running, so it took me a little longer but it was worth it. I love watching suspenseful stuff on the treadmill – I can’t do short comedy shows, they don’t hold my interest. What should I watch next?
(Spoiler alert – if you haven’t seen season 1, do NOT watch the trailer below)

I finally got outside on Thursday, to get in a birthday run! It was a little slippery so I had to walk on some of the icier patches, but it was worth it.

I broke in my Yaktrax for the year!

I still got in 30+ miles for the week AND got in a rest day (Saturday)! I wasn’t sure this was going to happen due to the weather, but I’m pleased with the total mileage.

Some questions for you:

  • Are you running outside or inside these days?
  • What do you recommend for watching on the treadmill?  

I’m linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.


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