A Running Injury?

Being “injured” (or whatever’s wrong with me) and not being able to run during his crazy, uncertain time is hard. I’m still getting in some miles – but it’s not as much as I would like at this time. Here’s to hoping next week will be better!

Here’s a look at this week’s runs:

Sunday:  6.17 miles running outside

Monday: 3 mi walk

Tuesday: 4 mi walk 

Wednesday: 3.75 mi walk

Thursday: 4 mi walk

Friday: 4.1 mi walk

Saturday: 3.2 miles running (slowly!) outside

Total: 28.22 miles

Some highlights-

Sunday was one of my first runs since I had the flu that felt actually good! I was so happy to be outside. Even if it was seasonably chilly, it was great to be out and running. It was also my longest run in 5 weeks – since I was sick!

I woke up Monday with an awful pain. I had been having chest pains since the flu and on Monday when I woke up it was mostly centered on the right hand side and made it painful to touch, breathe too deeply, lay on it, etc. Just what I need now, right? 

I wasn’t sure what brought it on, etc. but I didn’t want to risk running, so I walked on the treadmill. And I did the rest for the rest of the week, walking for about an hour or so each day and watching some trashy Netflix. What is that? I’m watching Insatiable, which is pretty ridiculous, and exactly what I need to take my mind off everything going on. 

I did get in a short, slow run on Saturday. I couldn’t help it – it was nearly 60 degrees and I saw people out there in shorts, so when the kiddos were eating lunch, I took a short run. I could feel the pain in my chest while I was running, but it wasn’t bad the rest of the day. So, we’ll see where we end up this week.

Some questions for you:

  • Have you ever had pain in your chest after having the flu/coughing? Not sure if I pulled a muscle, or what is going on. 
  • Are you doing anything different for exercise during this time?

I’m linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.


8 thoughts on “A Running Injury?

  1. I have definitely pulled a muscle from coughing when I had the flu. My Body Pump instructor did too and she was out for a few months! Hope you are feeling better soon. You got rid of the flu and now have this random pain. So sorry!

  2. Take care of yourself friend and just let it heal. Too funny that insatiable show looks. Perhaps I will watch it with my daughter. Really hope you feel better this week! Thanks for linking up today

  3. I pulled a muscle in my right pec/chest with a really bad cough..it was awful and took a long time to heal! I hope yours is shorter lived. It’s so hard when the weather is getting so nice to not be able to run as much as you’d like to :(. Sending you healing thoughts!

  4. I have had cracked ribs (both from weird falls LOL), and those made it really painful to take a deep breath…but I could feel it in the rib-area. It also was difficult getting out of bed with the twisting and contorting. Sounds like your’s is not really in the same vicinity (?). Hope you’re feeling better soon! Take care.

  5. Ugh, that sounds miserable. I have never experienced that, but please be careful.

    I am keeping up with my walks and at-home PT during thi stime. It’s really all I can do and I desperately need the normalcy.

  6. Oh wow, I wonder what’s going on with the pain? I have not had an issue like that. I am feeling a bit of pain in my hamstrings (again) that’s stopping my running lately. But I’m turning it into a very needed break time and getting a bit of walking in too. Trying to do other workouts with weights and such that don’t bother my legs. I hope you are feeling all better soon!!

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