Weekends During Social Isolation

Well, we made it — 3 weeks down of social isolation! And who knows how many more to come.

At first I thought the weekends wouldn’t feel much different than the week days – after all, I was working at home with the kids at home too. But I was VERY wrong. Working at home with the kids is far from a weekend. In fact, I saw this meme that pretty much sums it up:

If you added in a working 5-7 a.m. or after I run-7 a.m., then it’d be even closer! Being in the job that I am (client-side, billable hours), I’m working extra hard to help make sure I get to those 8 (or hopefully more) hours/day. But with FW and LM home, constantly wanting to sit on my lap, help with a puzzle, needing to eat/be put down for a nap/have a diaper change/go potty, on the days it’s just B and me home, it’s much more like the meme above. That being said, it makes the weekends SO much better! I have been trying to get in as much work done during the week as I can (even if it means getting up super early and staying up late), so that once the weekend comes, I can relax, spend time with the kids and take some time to myself (aka go running).

So, what did this weekend entail?

Well, Friday included 2 Zoom happy hours/friend meetups for me, plus 1 for FW:

Followed by catching up on work. I needed to put in a few more hours, and so did B, so we worked on the dining room table until I could barely keep my eyes open. But the weekend was more than just work – I promise! It included:

2 runs! A 7 miler Saturday and 5 miles on Sunday.

Lots of walking around outside, including checking out the nearby sidewalk chalk art.

Some pizza making. 

And some baking – I made a fruit tart for our Sunday dinner that was delicious! I may need to share the recipe. 

Some more zoom meetings – this time with some of my momma friends and their kids!

Some tricks. FW and LM are getting good at this!

LOTS of reading. 

So, I’ll finish the post with this page from FW’s book, Penguin Problems. It seems relevant for the world we’re living in today.

Hope your next week in social distancing goes well! Cheers!

Some questions for you:

  • Are you busier than usual these days? OR do you have more freetime?
  • What are you baking?


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