Socially Isolating and Running Solo

Another week of social isolation down, and another week of still recovering and getting back into running. I’m finding I’m slower than ever before and have to take walking breaks even during short runs because I’m out of breath. BUT, I did another longish run this weekend and that gives me reason to hope that I’m getting better!

Here’s a look at this week’s runs — all done outside, but solo. For my weekday runs, I didn’t see anyone outside at all pretty much. On the weekends, I’ve had to dodge some people but I generally cross the street or run at least 6 feet away so I’m keeping my distance.

Sunday:  5.32 mi

Monday: 4.04 mi  

Tuesday: 5.01 mi 

Wednesday: 6.01 mi

Thursday: off

Friday: 4.25 mi

Saturday: 8.25 mi

Total: 32.88 miles

Some highlights-

Sunday I got in a decent run outside. I only felt a little pain and I didn’t take Advil or anything afterwards. I also wore something different! You may have noticed I almost always wear one of my neon yellow half zips/running tops when it’s cool out (despite having so many others). Well, Sunday, I broke out the blue!  

Work has been really busy for me lately, plus since I’m home with the kids, it’s even harder to get stuff done. So, I’ve been staying up later and later to just catch up. Tuesday I stayed up so late that Wednesday I ended up running more miles than I had slept the night before. (Thursday I slept in and didn’t run)

I got in my long run on Saturday, getting in 8.25 mi. I admittedly walked a few times, especially on some hills, but was proud to have reached 8. I’m normally at 9-10 at this point in my training cycle AND running much faster, but at least I’m starting to build up the mileage again!

Hopefully this bodes well for this year’s virtual Cleveland Marathon events. I’d really like to run the half marathon, I just don’t know when/how I’ll be up to it. Fingers crossed we all stay healthy and it happens! I’m excited for my first virtual race.  


Some questions for you:

  • Do you rotate your running outfits or do you tend to wear the same things?
  • Have you been getting more sleep lately or less?  

I’m linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.


9 thoughts on “Socially Isolating and Running Solo

  1. Great mileage!!! I reorganized my “running closet” this weekend…actually I moved a bunch of my stuff to the vacant closet in our son’s “old” room (not sure why I didn’t do that sooner LOL). I was able to hang up all my 1/4-zips (and yowza, there’s a lot of them that I’d forgotten about). I tend to rotate through my stuff pretty well, but I do have my favorites. Hoping to play a little more with these new finds 😉

  2. Congrats on a solid week.
    I haven’t slept well, but I’ve slept longer as I’m a) not a parent b) given up my morning runs for now since evenings are free. That will change when it warms up/city reopens

  3. I think I’ve been getting less sleep lately too. I’m grateful my son still takes 2 naps every day so I take full advantage of that time, but I also get a lot done after he goes to bed and before he wakes up in the morning. I tend to rotate through the same 3-4 running tops.

  4. Great job!

    My sleep is all messed up with this. I used to get up at 4:45 AM, and now I’m just getting up when I feel like it. I’m staying up much later, too, which is not like me. I have no idea how I’m going to get back in a real-world groove when this is over!

    I have a decent rotation of running and workout clothes. I have even lost a little weight so I’m able to pull out some of my older shorts! Yay!

  5. Great mileage this week for you! I always rotate my running gear. Most of it is mostly Oiselle. However, I have 1 warm jacket that I will use a lot if needed. I also have some different ones that I can layer and use when it isn’t as cold.

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