Another Week of the Streak

Another week down and another week of keeping up my running streak! This week I didn’t run as many miles as usual. Like last week, I skipped out of my longer mid-week run, due to some plantar fasciitis issues. 

Overall, the pain wasn’t as bad as last week, but on days after I ran more miles, I definitely noticed an issue, and more pain. I’m still trying to see if I can manage the pain with anti-inflammatories, stretching and icing, but the future of the streak is still TBD.

That said, here’s what this week of my 135+ day running streak looks like:  

And some highlights:

My monthly total for August was about 175 miles! That isn’t a record, but still a high-ish month for me. And would’ve been higher if I hadn’t started having plantar issues at the end of the month!

I caught some amazing sunrises this week. I hate it being dark when I run, but I do appreciate a good run-rise!

My parents came into town (there here for the holiday weekend!), which meant lots of walking. They bring their adorable dog, so we take her out several times a day.

And only semi-running related, but LM has started wearing my race medals around (as does FW). It’s cute and a good use for them. 

Hopefully this week continues to bring me healing of my foot. I’ll be stretching and rolling it daily!

Some questions for you:

  • Are you doing anything for the long weekend?
  • Are you still working from home or back in the office?

I’m linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.



6 thoughts on “Another Week of the Streak

  1. I can’t remember if this was suggested to you (or you may already be doing it)…have you tried rolling your foot over a frozen water bottle? Also, lots of massaging, first thing (before touching the floor LOL) helped me.

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