Running in Amish Country

Last week, for the first time since December, we went on vacation. Believe it or not, we hadn’t left our house for the night since Christmastime. Yes, we’d had plans for a family trip in March, but we all know what happened then … 

We spent a few days this week in Amish Country, Ohio. We rented a gorgeous cabin (and by cabin, I mean cute cottage with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms) and got away from it all. And not only was it a great way to spend B’s birthday, but I was able to keep up my running streak!  

It was so nice to have a change of scenery this week. We arrived in town on Saturday and stayed through Monday. So Sunday and Monday, I was able to get in a run along the Holmes County Trail, a paved path that runs all through the county and is closed to automotive vehicles. Instead, it’s for bikes, walkers, runners and HORSE AND BUGGIES. So yes, I ran with the Amish horse and buggies! Which was a pretty amazing experience.

Here is a look at the full week:

And some pics from our trip:

A sub-10-min-mile run for me! With this in the distance. 

AND cows. I never see cows where I live!

Selfie outside the cabin.

SO peaceful. (though I admit, it was also a little creepy for some reason? I kept worrying someone was going to jump out from the woods or corn or plants at me)

I have to admit, we’ve been really cautious since this all started. We have not been seeing many people. We still order groceries online. I haven’t even been in Target! (thank goodness for curbside … though I may need to run in when we start to get low on wipes again) I haven’t gotten a haircut. And I was nervous about going away. But we brought Clorox wipes, wiped everything down, and stayed to ourselves in our own cabin. We ordered takeout, ate in our cabin or outside (for a picnic) and didn’t have to stop at any rest stops along the way. It was such a great trip and SO needed!

Some questions for you:

  • Have you ever seen Amish people? 
  • Have you gone on vacation since this all started?

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8 thoughts on “Running in Amish Country

  1. Yes, a long time ago I used to travel for work and I made quite a few trips to an Amish area. I didn’t get to do much sight seeing, but it was always fun to park to just take a lunch break in town and people watch. We have not been on vacation since the pandemic started, and sure maybe it was smart to skip our usual trip to FL, but I kind of regret that we didn’t find somewhere to go and maybe we’ll get in a long weekend sometime this fall.

  2. This sounds like a fun getaway for your family. There are several Amish settlements in Iowa, so we see quite a bit of the horses and buggies. About 40-minutes east of us (I’m in central Iowa), there’s a settlement called the Amana Colonies…a cluster of seven “villages” all within a few miles of each other. Lots of neat shops and restaurants.

  3. Looks like a great getaway. We haven’t gone anywhere since “the before times.” I laugh at myself when I recall turning down an invitation to go skiing with a GF in Feb because I wanted to spend time with my husband (Dec and Jan were brutal with work). I’ve had my fill of that now — just kidding.

    I’ve been reluctant to try to plan something, but it sounds like you struck the right balance between a change of scenery while still keeping it low risk.

    When we did the Pennsylvania Dutch Farm To Fork Fondo, we stopped at several Amish farms. We also would go to the big market in Lancaster with Amish stalls — the baked goods and jams were so delicious!

  4. I’m so glad you had a lovely time. We used to go Lancaster County in Pennsylvania – it was near where I grew up.

    We have done a trip to a cabin in the mountains since this all started. I have been to the dentist and have gotten my hair done. I don’t like eating in restaurants (patio is ok), and I am ok going to places like the grocery store and Target. We wear masks and wash our hands constantly. Everyone has their own comfort levels, and I think that’s ok.

  5. No vacation in over a year now!
    I’m taking Fridays off which isn’t much of a vacation.
    We visited Amish Country in PA about seven years ago and we all loved it.
    I’d love to go back and run those country roads surrounded by corn fields.

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