Almost to 200

As of today, my running streak is at 193 days. That means that I have officially run every single day for more than half a year! When I started this running streak, it was honestly by accident. I ran the Cleveland half marathon (virtually, of course), and I don’t typically run after a race like that, but I wanted to do their challenge series so the next day I ran a 5k. Well, I felt surprisingly good during my virtual 5k and decided to not take any days off.

Not taking any days off turned into a running streak. I don’t know when i realized I was officially streaking, but here we are, at 190+ days of running every single day. And my average run for that time period is 5.77 miles.

This week was another week when I thought the streak may end. We had a different kind of streak here – a pouring rain streak. And by pouring, I mean POURING. It was a downpour Wednesday, Thursday and Friday when I woke up in the morning, but I decided to turn to the treadmill and not give up. And Saturday, when the weather finally turned and I normally would’ve run outside while B watched the kids, B was out of town so I wasn’t sure I’d get in a run.

Well, here’s how the week turned out:

With the cruddy weather I didn’t get in as much walking as usual, but I was happy to have another week of 40+ miles running under my belt.

And here are some photos from the week. Not many workout photos, since most of the runs were indoors.

But here is what the weather looked like most mornings! Ick.

Sunday was a GREAT run. I was outside, the weather was in the 40s and I just felt so good the entire time! The colors were gorgeous. I texted B halfway through my run and asked if he minded watching the kids a little longer so I could get in a little longer run. I’m so glad I did – those 7 were some amazing miles!

I saw some great Halloween decorations outside on the mornings I did get out. Some of my favorites:

The Nightmare Before Christmas!

Some questions for you:

  • Do you prefer running indoors or outdoors? outdoors all the way!
  • Did you dress up for Halloween? Our kids did! It wasn’t a normal celebration but it was still fun to dress up.

I’m linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.



9 thoughts on “Almost to 200

  1. Congrats on your continuing run streak! I love those fall colors. In my neighborhood the tips of some trees have changed, but the rest is green. We had some trick-or-treaters come by — we put candy out on a Halloween platter at the end of our driveway.

  2. Oh my goodness if it was up to me I would never run inside at all! The weather has some different ideas about that so I run inside almost exclusively in the winter. Being on the TM is a lot better than not running at all.

    We have a different kind of streak going. At some point in quarantine we started taking a selfie with the dog after our lunchtime walk and our photo album is nearly up to 200 pictures;-)

    My youngest stepson is “too old” for Halloween but the older one is all about it!

  3. Oh, I definitely prefer outdoor running, no matter the temps. My one outside run (so far) in my recovery was absolutely awesome. I had done a few other short runs on the treadmill, more out of caution, and those were alright. But getting back outside was great. Impressive streak!

  4. Congratulations on that amazing streak. I’m also team outdoors, there’s nothing like fall but other than in wintery rain, there’s no time when indoors is better.

  5. Nice job on your running streak. Today was day #65 for me. I am also feeling good and don’t know how long it will last.

    I prefer to run outdoors. Now I don’t have a choice because I don’t have a treadmill nor access to a gym.

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