21 Day Challenge DONE and It’s My Birthday

This week had two exciting happenings – I finished the 21 Day Challenge with the Cleveland Marathon AND I celebrated my birthday! I don’t know which is more exciting, amiright?

Sunday (Challenge Day 17): Stretching, foam rolling, yoga, etc.

What I did: Since I had run 8.5 miles on Saturday, I was TIRED. I wanted to get in 4ish miles, but I woke up to slippery snow falling and I opted to stay inside. The treadmill was NOT happening, but between walking and running and Hulu, I made it 4.27 miles. And then, enjoyed some foam rolling and yoga for runners. 

Monday (Challenge Day 18): This challenge was inspired by the Browns game (even though they lost). The numbers were based on the halftime and final scores of the game. We were supposed to do 2-4 circuits of 3 Burpees, 19 Tricep Push-Ups to Down Dog, 17 Squat Jumps and 22 V-Ups.

What I did: I got in 4.5 miles of running outside and then did the circuits. I had to put on my yaktrax for the run, but it was beautiful and peaceful out so I enjoyed it. The circuits were another story. I failed miserably at the tricep pushups to downward dog ended up turning those into knee push ups by the end of the sets. I also have a hard time doing abdominal workouts like V-ups right now because of some vertigo, so I instead did a few of those and then did 2 sets of planks to still get in an ab workout.

Some photos from my pretty, snowy run:

Tuesday (Challenge Day 19): Workout AFTER noon (or get in at least part of your workout after noon).

What I did: This was my hardest workout. I am not an afternoon worker outer, and Tuesday was a busy day for me as it was – I had meetings from 12-5 p.m., too, so a lunchtime run was out of the question. So, instead, I split the workout in two. I started my day with 5 miles (before work) and then got in a strength workout in the afternoon/evening. The workout included several sets of: pushups, planks, squats, jumping jacks and a few different kettlebell exercises. I ended up bringing my kettlebells to my home office, so in between a flurry of meetings, I was able to get in a few sets before hopping to my next call. It wasn’t the ideal day for a late workout, but I got it in!

Wednesday (Challenge Day 20):  Come up with 3 goals (short-term or long-term), related to health, work, family, your choice!

What I did: 5 mile run (4 in the 3 inches of snow and 1 on the treadmill) and then some goal setting. Here’s what I wrote down:
1. Keeping up the run streak. I’m at Day 272, and I don’t know what the future holds, but as long as I’m feeling good, I want to keep it up.
2. Continue to incorporate strength training and yoga. That’s one thing I’ve been grateful for this challenge – it has made me be more intentional about including simple strength exercises and even stretching, something I never focused on before. I hope I can keep it up!
3. Sleep MORE. This is easier said than done with 2 kids, butI have to try it!
And one more — to compete in the Cleveland Marathon event this spring! I don’t know what race(s) yet, but I can’t wait for spring running to be here.   

Thursday (Challenge Day 21 – the LAST day!):  Finish the last 10 minutes of your run like it’s race day – get faster and faster every 2 minutes

What I did: I once again went outside in the snow with my Yaktrax. Yaktrax are great for the snow, but I definitely don’t find them as comfortable as regular shoes. And, they slow me down. So while I did try to run fast, it wasn’t one of my fastest runs. Still, I finished 5 miles. 


What I did: I still wanted to run, so I got outside and ran a few miles in the ice. My Yaktrax BROKE! So they are still gripping, but not quite as much as they used to. I may need to get a new pair so I can keep up with this winter’s running – it has been icier than usual!

Saturday: 6 outdoor mile run, then 1 mile walk with the family. 

Saturday was my BIRTHDAY and I wanted to celebrate with 3-4 miles outside, since it finally wasn’t super icy. But it was FREEZING when I woke up – feels like 7 degrees! It warmed up by the time I got outside and even got a little sunny, but it was still my coldest run in a while. My brother called me halfway through and it was fun to run/talk to him at the same time. He lives in Berlin, so we don’t get to talk enough and the time difference never helps. And, I’m sure I won’t be seeing him for a while (thanks, pandemic!).

Sunny walk with the family

Some questions for you:

  • Any other winter birthdays out there?
  • Do you have any family abroad?

I’m linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.

9 thoughts on “21 Day Challenge DONE and It’s My Birthday

  1. You did great on that challenge, congrats on finishing! Happy (belated) Birthday! I’m so impressed your streak is still going strong, especially with the extreme cold. My birthday is in the early spring (mid-March), so I get winter temps and spring wind LOL

  2. Happy b irthday and congrats on the challenge! That’s an amazing mix of strength and cardio. No family overseas but for a long while between 2001-6 I was myself We have some great memories of watching the world series on the phone and them calling me from the Macy’s parade.

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