Getting Friendly With My Treadmill

If you need to find me in any morning in the coming future – here’s where I’ll be:

That’s right, just on my treadmill. Because it’s COLD and icy and I’m tired of slipping and sliding outside.

Oh, the treadmill isn’t all bad.  I have been able to keep myself occupied by watching the whole Bridgerton series. Which, if you haven’t watched it yet, is fun and perfect treadmill watching (in my opinion). It’s fun and a full episode is just enough time for my workout. 

And the plot…well, it’s great 😉

But, I digress. Here’s what the week looked like. LOTS of treadmill running, but then my new Yaktrax came and it was a balmy 17 degrees, so I was able to run outside Thursday, Friday and Saturday! It’s amazing how “warm” 17-20 degree temps feel when you’re used to something colder.

Sunday: 5.3 treadmill miles

Monday: 5.75 miles on the treadmill  

Tuesday: 5.1 miles on the treadmill

Wednesday: 5.5 miles on the treadmill

Thursday: 5.16 miles outside with my new Yaktrax! 

Here’s what my old Yaktrax looked like — they had wound themselves into my shoes!

And new ones:

Friday:  5 miles outside in the sun (and yes, still snow) and then 2 mile walk with the family.

Saturday: 4 mile run outside and then 2 mile walk with the family. My parents were in town and it was great to get outside with them and their dog!

Weekly mileage: 35.92 mi

Running streak days: 296

If things continue to go as planned, this time next week, I’ll be at more than 300 days!  


Some questions for you:

  • Are you getting used to running in the cold? I sure am!
  • Have you seen Bridgeton?

I’m linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.

10 thoughts on “Getting Friendly With My Treadmill

  1. That Bridgerton meme is spot on! I definitely watched it for the plot, lol.

    It was cold and snowy here this week as well so lots of treadmill miles. I’m always super grateful for my treadmill during the Winter months.

  2. Ha on the Bridgerton meme! very true it kind of grew on me and I watched it in 2 days. I commend you on the treadmill runs just cannot do it. Well done! I had the same issue with my Yaktrax and just got a new pair now I am sure we won’t get anymore snow lol. Have a great week ahead and thanks for linking up

  3. We are treadmill twins with the Sole! For me it’s not so much the cold as as the ice…there just hasn’t been a single day in the past month that I’ve felt safe being outside. I love it when the length of an episode matches the length of my workout.

  4. I don’t mind winter running (much), but the temps have been too extreme in my area. And, with the bountiful snow, everywhere, the streets are still a mess (even having been plowed). Great job…..the streak is still thriving!

  5. Wow on your run streak! I think the ‘mill is a common theme this week. You logged some solid miles, and it sounds like the scenery wasn’t bad either. 😉

  6. Yay for your running streak- that is impressive! Sounds like you had a great week- thank god for treadmills, right? I’m trying to even remember what it’s like to run in the cold like that… I know I did it, but it was a long time ago! Here in Florida it’s uncomfortably WARM right now.

  7. Which Yaktrak did you get? I want to get a pair but there are many options. Ugh, it is terrible here too. I don’t have a treadmill so all of my runs have been outside. However, mine are 1 mile since I do not want to do more.

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