First Mile Run and Amish Country

After I hit my 1-year running streak last week, I honestly wasn’t sure how long I would continue to run every day. I know it’s not going to be until this baby is born (I’m 28 weeks pregnant), but I decided to keep it up this week.

Truthfully, it was easy. After being in New York over the weekend, running in Cleveland Monday through Wednesday wasn’t difficult. And then, we decided to take a short trip to Holmes County, Ohio – or Amish Country – which provided me another great change of scenery – including lots of FLAT land – making it easy to keep the streak up.

So I’m still streaking, this time on vacation, AND I even got in a few runs with my 4-year-old who ran his first mile this week! I’m so proud of him and he even helped me keep on moving. I know he would’ve gone faster if I wasn’t slowing him down these days!

Here’s what this week looked like:

Sunday: 4.06 miles

Monday: 4.3 treadmill miles

Tuesday: 5.6 miles

Wednesday: 4.66 miles

Thursday: 4.01 miles

Look at that flat path from!

Friday: 5.16 miles

FW ran a mile with me and then with B on Friday! He ran between 10-11 min/mile.

Saturday: 3.6 miles

This was my scenery for my runs in Amish Country.

Total: 31.39 miles

Weeks Pregnant: 28

Running Streak: Day 373

Some questions for you:

  • Do you enjoy running along country roads? City roads? Industrial or urban?
  • Do you need a change of scenery sometime when running?

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9 thoughts on “First Mile Run and Amish Country

  1. Great job keeping up the streak! And that’s awesome that your son has been running! I sometimes wonder how long my 2 year old would run without stopping if i let him. Although he’s still in the phase where he just runs as fast as he can to get anywhere.

  2. Wow on your son! It’s great he likes to run. I’m wary of running on roads where I’m not familiar with the traffic pattern, but I do love a change of scenery. It’s a great way to explore and not be bored on your run.

  3. Those roads from Amish Country are my dream running roads! So did your four-year-old run the entire mile without stopping??? I’m impressed and astonished. I could never get either of my kids into running. They are now 18 and 12, and neither one could run an entire mile. Sigh!
    Congratulations on keeping up the streak!!!

  4. You are doing great! Just keep listening to your body.

    I love to mix it up. I’m also super lucky that I have a mix of options. I can run suburban/neighborhood. On Saturday, I ran a race through cabbage farms. Today, I ran a route between the intercoastal and the beach. We have trails and an urban option as well. It’s perfect.

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