Celebrating My Five Year Old and Running

My oldest turned FIVE this week. FIVE! I’m not ready to have a five-year-old, as it sounds SO much older than four. But before you ask – how does this relate to running – I’ll let you know. For his birthday, he wanted to wake up early and “go for a run with Mommy.” So, that’s how we started his day! With a 2 mile run/walk 🙂

He did such a great job! He has run a mile without stopping before, but I am not really running these days without stopping, so I was glad he was open to (and wanted to) walk/run. After the walk/run, we walked to get pancakes for his breakfast, which was another 2 miles, and then we walked around the zoo later that day (almost 3 miles). At the end of the day, he had 25,000+ steps! 

The next day, he wanted to run/walk again, so this time we did 3.7 miles – his longest that I know of! Though it was fun having a run/walk buddy, I prefer when he sleeps later 🙂

And here’s what this week looked like from a running/walking standpoint:

Sunday: 4.2 treadmill miles – B was out golfing for Father’s Day, so I got in a run before the kids got up

Monday: 4.2 miles

Tuesday: 4.5 miles

Wednesday: 2.33 miles with the birthday boy! (plus lots of walking later)

Thursday: 3.7 miles

Feeling good during our walk/run

Friday: 4.51 miles

Saturday: 3.31 miles

Total: 26.75 mi

Weeks Pregnant: 36

Running Streak Day (If you count the run/walks): 429

Some questions for you

  • Does your birthday typically include a run or some other form of activity?
  • For those of you with kids – do you run with them? How did you start/how old were they?

Linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.

7 thoughts on “Celebrating My Five Year Old and Running

  1. That is so great that your son wants to run with you! We do a family stroller run every Sunday and follow it up with pancakes. Maybe in a few years my son will be running with us for those runs! Great job keeping up with your workouts!

  2. He is so stinking cute! it’s great that he wants to run with you. My son had a phase of running with me a while back but it did not last long. Now that he is in college, he runs faster than me but for a shorter distance. We have had a few runs together this summer which has been nice

  3. How sweet that he wanted to run with his mommy 😉 You probably know I run 3.14 miles on my Pi Day birthday, but the past two years I’ve upped my game and done a Week of Pi…because, why not?

  4. Five, wow!
    Last year I ran 11.23 KM on my bday as I wasn’t up for a double digit run and 4.1 felt underwhelming. The NYC Marathon didn’t fall on my bday but it was during November so I called it a celebration of what my nody could do – does that count?
    Congrats on another solid week

  5. Happy birthday to your five year old! How fun! I love that he wanted to run with you ❤

    A used to run with me a little bit, but he's not into that anymore. Teenagers LOL.

    I love to run on my birthday. It rarely works out that I can race on my birthday, but maybe one of these years.

  6. Oh, how sweet! My kids never wanted to run with me, but I didn’t start until they were older. So great that you are still feeling so good.

  7. Happy birthday to your little guy! I’ve been running on my birthday for a few years now and look forward to that run. I feel fortunate to not only run but to also celebrate another birthday.

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