37 Weeks Pregnant and Trying To Keep Up

Three. More. Weeks.

Three more weeks!

If this baby comes on time, we have three more weeks until its arrival. We have three weeks to get the room ready, three weeks to get mentally prepared (which I never am) and three weeks to keep on running/walking.

I’ll be the first to admit that this week was ROUGH. There were a few run/walks that I did where the baby was either on my bladder or felt like it was on my pelvis and trying to come out (TMI?). But I’m still getting out there, still enjoying my early morning workouts and alone time, and still moving!

Hhere’s what this week looked like from a running/walking standpoint:

Sunday: 4.19 miles

Monday: 4.82 miles

Tuesday: 5 miles

Wednesday: 4.05 miles

Thursday: 4.55 miles

Friday: 3 miles

Saturday: 4 miles

Total: 29.61 mi

Weeks Pregnant: 37

Running Streak Day (If you count the run/walks): 436

Non-running highlights:

My parents came into town to celebrate my 5-year-old’s birthday! We had a blast and I even decorated (which I never do).

We got in lots of walks with them, and their dog, who always comes with them.
i love that she is even almost smiling in this photo!

Some questions for you

  • Do you like to decorate for parties/events?
  • Do you like dogs? Cats?
  • Happy Fourth of July! Any fun plans?

Linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.

9 thoughts on “37 Weeks Pregnant and Trying To Keep Up

  1. How exciting! Just out of curiosity did you go all the way to 40 weeks with your other kids? Both my kids were a little early (37 and 1/2 weeks and 38 weeks) and they say you tend to grow your babies at about the same rate each time.
    Great job with your run/walking! Sounds like you’re not going to take a day off until you give birth.

  2. You are amazing with how active you have remained…on the daily! I’ve never been much of a cat person (and am horribly allergic), but my love for dogs has multiplied in the past 5-1/2 years since Max joined the family. That said, Max is very much a lap dog…not sure I’d like anything much bigger sharing the bed or sofa with me LOL

  3. Happy 5th birthday to that cutie! I can’t believe you have just three weeks to go! So exciting!

    I love decorating for parties. I miss hosting shindigs, and I can’t wait til we can start having them more frequently.

    I love dogs. And cats. And really anything cute and fuzzy. It’s… a problem LOL!

  4. We are dog people for sure, but both my kids have cats — how did that happen? It’s great that you are still so active. I remember feeling so miserable the last weeks before my son was born. I love the birthday balloons — and the dinosaur!

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