What 38-Week Pregnant Workouts Look Like For Me

Just keep moving! Just keep moving!

That’s been my motto these days. On the days that I get up and get in an hour or so of walking/running in the morning, I feel so much better. No swelling (at least so far), better mood (as usual) and more energy overall. So, even on the days I’m tired and feeling too big to move, I’m trying to get out there.

This week included something besides running, which is not common — some brief kettlebells workouts AND a swim! It was 80+ degrees one morning, and being able to float in a pool was amazing. (See, it was “feels like 80” at 6 a.m…so it got much hotter)

Here’s what this week looked like from a running/walking standpoint:

Sunday: 3.7 miles

Monday: 3.45 miles + 25 min swim

Tuesday: 5.03 miles

Wednesday: 5.12 miles

Thursday: 3.8 miles

Friday: 5.5 miles

Saturday: 4.13 miles

Total: 30.73 mi

Weeks Pregnant: 38

And some photos:

Saw a momma and her baby deer one morning

My shadow these days

Seeing a robot mower + deer on the same lawn was pretty interesting

Some questions for you

  • We have been seeing tons of deer lately! Any near you?
  • What’s too hot for you to run?

Linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.

5 thoughts on “What 38-Week Pregnant Workouts Look Like For Me

  1. I have only seen a few random deer, one while riding a few weeks ago. You’re doing well!! It’s almost go time!!

  2. You’re still hanging in there!

    I did actually see two deer in the back of my neighborhood last week. It’s not a regular thing, and I was so happy about it (yay, animals!).

    Since we are in Florida, I don’t know if I can answer that question. Right now, I run every day in the conditions that experts tell you NOT to run in. We are acclimated to it, though, so it’s not as bad for us.

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