Weekly Run Down + Cleveland Marathon Giveaway Winner

Now that we’re officially less than one month away from the Cleveland Marathon events, it’s time for me to buckle down with my “training.” I need to decide what event to race and it all comes down to – how in shape will I be in one month? 

As you may know, I had a baby less than 2 months ago, so I’m not at my prime running shape right now. I got cleared to start running again just 2 weeks ago, so I don’t think I’ll be ready to run a full or half marathon in a month, sadly. But I’m excited to run/walk the 5k or 10k and be back at the in-person event!

You may have seen I did a giveaway for free entry on Instagram — the winner was just announced. Congrats to @carijeanne!

If you didn’t win – there’s no need to fret. You register here and use my discount code: MELCCLESAVE10 for 10% off.


In the meantime, here’s how my running looked this week:

Sunday: 4.01 miles

Monday: 3.25 miles

Tuesday: 3.18 miles

Wednesday: 4 treadmill miles (it was POURING out, like seriously drenching weather) and some diastasis recti ab workouts 

Thursday: 4.22 miles

Friday:  No running! just a long walk with the family and another walk with GM and some postpartum diastasis recti ab workouts – 

Saturday: 5.26 miles

TOTAL: 23.92 miles

Some highlights:

I got in my fastest postpartum run on Thursday and my longest postpartum run on Friday! It has been hard for me to deal with how much slower I am this time around than with my last pregnancies, plus how much longer my DR is taking to heal. But I’ve come to realize that I need to be patient with myself and let my body heal and do what I can to make it better (not worse). 

Getting a little faster:

Screen Shot 2021-09-25 at 3.04.50 PM

Questions for you:

  • Which race should I sign up for 5k or 10k?
  • When is your next in-person race?

Linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.

7 thoughts on “Weekly Run Down + Cleveland Marathon Giveaway Winner

  1. I agree with Deborah, you should be ready for the 10K since you’re almost there now. That’s a great idea (via your Insta post) to reset your Garmin…comparing current stats with older ones (from a different state of fitness) can really be self-defeating.

  2. Yes, I know a lot of people reset their Garmins, and that’s the way it should be! You have a new body and deserve some new PRs.
    I agree with the other ladies- sounds like you’ll be ready for the 10k. I guess it depends what your goals are. But just the fact that you’ll be out racing is exciting!

  3. I know you are only comparing yourself to yourself, but don’t let that comparison steal your joy or undermine your accomplishments! It sounds like you could certainly be ready for a 10K, but I’ve learned I like 5Ks better, even though I like 10Ms most.

  4. I think you could totally handle the 10K – it’s my favorite distance, so I would choose that.

    I’m sorry you’re not feeling back to your pre-baby fitness, but it will come. Pregnancy does a number on our bodies, and sometimes, we just have to be patient and let it come back when it’s ready. ❤

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