September Runs Done

So looong September and hello October! With the entry of October our weather has gotten cooler, and I do LOVE fall running so I’m not mad about it! 

I was cleared to start running again, postpartum, in September. With this news, my total mileage for the month was 88.87 miles.

I’m pleased with that number! Yes, it’s a really odd number and if I had realized it, I may not have taken the last day of the month off and instead run 1.13 miles, but it perfectly sums up my running. 

In other running news, I ran 6 miles without stopping this week! This was a huge accomplishment for me, and I now feel confident enough that I can run the Cleveland Marathon 10K. 

Here’s how my running looked this week:

Sunday: 3.11 miles run + 3+ mile hike with the family

Monday: 3.66 stroller miles with LM (run/walk) and some diastasis recti ab workouts 

Tuesday: 4.25 miles

Wednesday: 3.11 miles and some diastasis recti ab workouts 

Thursday: no run! Instead I walked 5 miles with LM in the stroller.

Friday: 6 miles, at 4 something a.m. Was up with the baby so I decided to get out while it was cool and dark, and get in a run before everyone in the house woke up. 

Saturday: 4.28 miles – all miles were in the 10s!

TOTAL for the week: 24.42 miles

Some highlights:

Sunday’s run was my fastest 5k in several months! It’s not fast for me, but I was pleased with my time.


Sunday’s hike with the family had a bunch of fitness stations along the walk – the kids had a blast doing them and we got to walk alongside a pretty creek.


I got in a stroller walk/run with LM this week on a gorgeous morning. It was fun – she’s at a good age now where if we bring books and snacks, and it’s pleasant out, she has fun too.


I ran 6 miles Friday! I was so happy to get in 6 without stopping, so much that I signed up for the Cleveland Marathon 10K!


Questions for you:

  • How early to you get up to run?
  • What’s a “long run” for you these days?

Linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.

6 thoughts on “September Runs Done

  1. Sounds like a great week! I’m sure it feels great to get in those runs early in the morning before starting a hectic day. What time I work out usually depends on my kids school schedule. Now while she’s in middle school we can sleep a little later- in a couple years when she goes to high school I’ll be back to those dark, early runs. But that’s okay- running at any time is great.

  2. Great news on the 6-miler (but I’m not surprised you were able to do it). The 10K will be a cake walk 😉
    When I was marathon training (a couple years ago), there were some mornings when I’d get out around 5:00 for the long runs, because they usually were on Saturdays and there were football games to go to. Now, I usually just have the Wednesday #5at5 runs, but the weekend runs are around 6:00 or so (because, again, football LOL), but these runs aren’t usually any longer than 10 miles.

  3. Aw! Your kids are too cute!

    You are rocking it out there! Right now, my long runs are 10-12 miles. I’ll get up around 4:30 for those. Our weather isn’t quite as nice and cool as yours.

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