Training Season Is Here

It’s training season! That means I’m actually going to be following a schedule, not just waking up and running whatever I feel like. That’s right, Cleveland half marathon training is here!

The last half marathon I ran was in 2020, and it was virtual. Thanks to the pandemic, and then being pregnant, and then giving birth and having a newborn, it has been quite a long time since I last ran anything of distance. But I’ve been keeping up running and have a solid base, and ready to start training again.

My goal in the past has been to run a sub-2 hour race. And I’ve done it a few times. But these days, I’m starting much slower. So, my goal now is to get a little faster, and complete a full training cycle. I plan on following something similar to Hal Higdon’s plans, which have worked for me in the past. This means each week will contain:

  • One rest day
  • One speed training day
  • One long run
  • A few easy runs

Each week, I’ll share my training – how it went, what I actually ran, etc. My goals are to do the full training program and run my best. Between not being as in shape as last training cycle, my lack of sleep is real (see: 3 kids plus a 7 month old) and I have been having a hard time finding enough time to run every morning (again, 3 young kids). But enough excuses – it’s training season! And here we go!

With that, here’s how this week went:

Sunday: 3.7 easy miles

Monday: 5 easy miles (3 + warmup and cool down)

Tuesday: 5 miles — speed work! oDid 5×400 m with a cool down and warmup, bringing me to 5 miles

Wednesday: 4.5 easy miles (3 + warmup and cool down)

Thursday: 4.78 easy miles (3 + warmup and cool down)

Friday: 5.5 miles

Saturday: I hadn’t planned on going out for a run, but the weather was too nice and the streets were finally clear of snow and ice. I got out for almost 3.5 miles with G in his first ever run in the Bob! 


Total weekly: 31.91 miles

Total February miles: 120.42 miles

Some questions for you:

  • What are you training for?
  • What training program do you use?

Note: I am a Cleveland marathon ambassador! That means I get free race entry for me, and a free race entry to give away. 

Wanna run CLE with me? Don’t forget, I have a 10% discount for you!


I’m linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.

6 thoughts on “Training Season Is Here

  1. I have used Hal Higdon plans before, and they were a perfect fit for me in regards to mileage and rest/recovery/cross-training. I have a 13.1 on April 24th, which I haven’t even flirted with a “plan” for that. With my base already in-check, I’ll just need to tweak my long runs (starting in a few weeks), and add in some speed work.

  2. That is fun that you are ready to follow a plan again. Looking forward to following along and watching your progress

  3. Oh my gosh, he is such a cutie! I’m eyeing a 10 miler at the end of April. The only ewL training I’m doing is gradually increasing my long run, I’m hoping my Achilles cooperates.

  4. Little guy is getting so big!
    I’m running Cherry Blossom on 4/3 and have a half on 4/24. Which one of those I’m training for? I’m not sure. I think Brooklyn, but I’m coming out of a Half two weeks ago

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