Cleveland Half Marathon Training + Giveaway

Finally – a good week of half marathon training! After a few off weeks (being sick, etc.) I finally got in a few short runs and my long run, making this week’s Cleveland half marathon training a relative success. Which is good, because we’re just a little over a month from race day!

Here’s what the week entailed:

Sunday: 3.1 snowy miles  
I had gotten in my long run on Saturday (8.3 miles) and my legs were tight. I thought an easy run would feel good, and it did! Even though it was snowing (!) when I went out, it felt good to be outside, loosen up my legs and have no real agenda or mileage I needed to cover.

Monday: 5.04 miles – tempo run

I wanted to run each mile progressively faster, so that’s what I did. I started off slow (11 min/mile) and cut about 20 seconds off each mile afterwards. My splits were 11:00, 10:46, 10:22, 10:00, 9:41.

Tuesday: easy 5.02 miles

Wednesday: another easy run day – 4.65 miles

Thursday: 9.23 miles!  

I was able to get in my long run EARLY. I set my alarm for 3:55 a.m., which hurt, but knew I had a busy weekend and wasn’t sure I’d be able to run. Overall, I felt pretty good.

Friday: REST DAY!

I woke up feeling pretty good from my run yesterday, but legs and feet were a little sore. I decided to play it safe and take a rest day. Don’t worry, I got in three walks during the day and still was able to meet my step goal.

Saturday:  3.23 mi

It was cold and semi-snowy when I went out AGAIN. I’m ready for spring!

Total weekly:  30.31 miles

Also, this week I’m running a giveaway for entry to the Cleveland Marathon! Want to enter? Head over to my Instagram and enter there (a bonus entry is to comment on a blog post!)

Some questions for you:

  • Did you get wintry weather again this week?
  • Did you enter my giveaway?

I’m linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.

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