Recovery and Whatever I Want

For those of you that missed it, my half marathon/5k races came and went! Here is a recap of how they went last weekend.

Spoiler alert – I had a great time! FB_IMG_1653142410577

So, that meant this week I was going to do whatever I wanted. Sleep in? Sure, why not. Run a little? Yes! I didn’t have any plans, and it felt GREAT. Here’s what the week entailed:

Sunday – 13.1 – Cleveland Half Marathon. Actually, my Garmin had me at almost 13.5 so that’s what I’m going with.

Monday – 2.33 miles outside. I was TIGHT but wanted to get in a few miles to keep my legs moving. I also had been coming down with a slight cold, and knew the run would help me feel a little better. It did! 

Tuesday – 3.19 miles and felt better already!

Wednesday – 3.37 miles

Thursday –  4 miles

Friday – 3.81 miles – I somehow didn’t set my alarm and woke up an hour later than usual! Luckily, I was working from home and didn’t have to wake up my kids early for school (yay for summer!) so I was able to sneak in a short run before anyone woke up.  

Saturday –  3.39 miles run and a 2ish mile walk with the kids to breakfast

Total: 33.62 miles


Some questions for you:

  • How long do you take off after running a half marathon?
  • Do you get to “sleep in” in the summer?


 l am linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.

7 thoughts on “Recovery and Whatever I Want

  1. Congratulations on your half and glad you had a great time. I always take at least 2 rest days after a half to allow my body to start recovering and then a few days more of light runs

  2. I don’t really take any time off after half marathons, these days, but I do try to go easy for the week following. Congrats on your half!

  3. Ooh! I missed your race recap but will go back and read it. Glad you had a relaxing week! Yes, I love it when school is out- I can sleep a little later and my mornings are much less hectic.

  4. Congrats on your Half! I probably would take a few days off running, or keep it short with Scooby!

    My summer schedule isn’t different, and now with going into the office more I have to be more precise with my morning routine.

  5. Shocked you can sleep in with the minions, but glad you were able to rest and recover.
    It depends on the Half for me. I’ve done a few miles on Tuesday after a Sunday race, but they’re very low key

  6. I might take a few days off running after a half. I won’t go back to any serious miles for a week, but I do have to move.

    There is zero sleeping in if you want to run outside in Florida. In fact, I’m considering getting up earlier to beat the sunrise.

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