A Few More Weeks

I realized this week that I just have a few more weeks of summer. A few more weeks of “sleeping in” until 5:30, a few more weeaks of running during the daylight and a few more weeks of my favorite season. 

It’s bittersweet – I’m not ready for back-to-school and all that comes with it. So instead, I’m just in denial and going to enjoy the next few weeks and stop thinking about what’s to come. That’s healthy, right?

Knowing that, here’s what the week looked like:

Sunday –   3.5 miles and DR exercises, plus some walking with my family who were in town

Monday –   5.01 miles and DR exercises, plus a last walk with my parents before they left

Tuesday –    5.01 miles and DR exercises

Wednesday – 5.04 miles and DR exercises 

Thursday –   5.36 miles and DR exercises, plus a 2.5 mi walk with the family  

AND I caught this sunrise. Look at those pink streaks! It was truly gorgeous in person.


Friday –  5.01 miles plus DR exercises

Saturday – 3.5 stroller miles and a 2 mile walk with LM


Total: 34.42 weekly miles

Some questions for you:

  • Did you get some great sunrises this week?
  • What’s your favorite snack food?

 l am linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.

8 thoughts on “A Few More Weeks

  1. That sunrise photo is gorgeous! I haven’t gotten out early enough to catch the sunrise, but with the shortening daylight, I know it’s going to be soon. Enjoy those last couple weeks of freedom before school starts!

  2. That is a gorgeous sunrise! I have not been up to catch any-I am more of a sunset girl. Enjoy the last few weeks of summer break

  3. Oh, I definitely LOVE seeing the sunrises (and am able to catch them most days). I’m also deep in denial about summer winding down…

  4. PRETZELS! They’re my favorite snack food (as a matter of fact I’m eating some right now, heh heh.)
    Your “sleeping in” time is 5:30? Ack! That’s rough. I’m a little sad about school starting again- the mornings are so much more leisurely without it. But, since I live in Florida the change of season doesn’t mean too much- it’s almost always summer here.
    I love that sunrise picture- I can imagine how it was even more stunning in person.

  5. You are so consistent with your runs.

    Love that sunrise pic.

    I’ve been lazy and missing the sunrise.

    Summer is my favorite season too.

  6. School starts here next week and it makes me sad. Sigh. Why must they start SO early? I love summer and all the gorgeous sunrises but it’s so fleeting here. All the best with the change in schedule. I’m grateful my younger daughter is now old enough to drive herself so all the pickups/dropoffs are over!

  7. It’s hard to think about summer coming to an end! Its just too darn short.

    I love apples with peanut butter for a snack- or string cheese 🙂 It’s the Wisconsin girl in me.

    Lovely pictures, great job this week!

  8. Very consistent mileage this week. I love that you get to run with your LM. I always run as the sun comes up, so I got to see some pretty amazing sunrises here. I love the how every morning can have different colors.

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