Back to School

This week brought back to school and some EARLY mornings for half the week. I now run early enough that I miss the sunrises and probably won’t see them again for some time! I also am on a time crunch and it impacts my running. Most days in the summer if I’m close to a mile or so, I’ll finish the last .2 or so. But this week, I made myself stop at a certain time, regardless of mileage. Maybe as we get back into our routines I’ll feel more comfortable being a minute or two late, but as we figure out our mornings, etc. I’m trying to stick to a strict schedule. Maybe in a few weeks, I’ll feel differently.

Here’s what the week looked like:

Sunday: 3.65 miles near the lakes near my house – and I saw this guy!


Monday: 5.1 miles plus DR exercises – before a day of fun with the kiddos. I took the day off to spend with the big kids before they went back to school. We hit up the Children’s Museum and went out to lunch.

During the run – I saw all these turkeys!


We had a blast at the museum!


Tuesday: 5.1 miles plus DR exercises – last day of sleeping in! 

Wednesday: 4.73 miles plus DR exercises – first day of school!


Thursday: 5.02 miles plus DR exercises

Friday: 4.8 miles plus DR exercises

Saturday: 2.27 miles run plus mote than 6 miles of walking 

Total: 34.27 mi running

Some questions for you:

  • Random — but I just started going to Trader Joe’s since there is one near my office. What’s your favorite thing to buy at TJ’s?
  • Does it feel like fall there yet near you?

 l am linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.

11 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. Nope, it’s still summer here.

    I don’t got to TJs often, but some staples include their nuts and dried fruit (usually great prices), their frozen roasted peppers mix, frozen falafel, thaw and bake croissants, pasta sauce ….

  2. No signs of fall here but I will be the first to celebrate when it arrives! I am not really a TJ’s person but people love it. Your kids look ready to rock their school year! They have gotten big

  3. No TJ’s in my area. The closest ones are both an hour’s drive (in opposite directions). It’s certainly felt like fall here in the mornings…UGH! I’m so not ready!

  4. Oooh! Get ready for pumpkin season at Trader Joes. Not sure exactly when they start, but there are lots of fun pumpkin items (I love the pumpkin bagels.) Other than that I love their nuts, peanut butter and almond butter, soy milk, and some frozen items- scallion pancakes are a favorite around here as well as thai vegetable dumplings and samosas.
    Ugh, getting back to the school routine is hard. I hate that feeling during a run of needing to get back by a certain time to get everyone ready for school- but it’s better than not running at all!

  5. Cute pics and great miles!

    TJs is kind of far from my house, but we love their cheeses and birds’ nests and potstickers and jojos, and their everything bagel seasoned cashews, and so many things.

  6. I am an early morning runner so I am missing my sunrises as well. The weather is pretty amazing around here though and I am NOT missing the humidity. We have a children’s museum in our town as well and my kiddo loves it. We try to go on Sundays since they are only open 4 hours. Otherwise, he would want to stay way longer. It’s great to see kids so engaged though.

  7. Your kiddos are cuties! It’s always tough readjusting to the school schedule when fall rolls around, but I haven’t had to worry about that for years since we’re empty nesters.

    I love the wild turkeys and heron pictures. It’s always fun seeing wildlife while out on a run.

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