Last Week of Summertime

This week was our last week of summertime. School starts next week, along with early mornings, earlier (hopefully) nights and a change in our routine. So, this week I tried to take advantage of sleeping in a few last times and get in some good runs. I’ve really been enjoying getting out there and watching the sunrise at the end of my runs, but with the days getting shorter and having to get up earlier, I know that time is limited. I’ll have to start a countdown until next spring/summer when it starts again!

Here’s what the week looked like – including some of my sunrises:

Sunday: 4 miles in NY before getting on the road back to CLE

Monday: 5.01 miles and DR exercises

Tuesday: 4.43 miles and DR exercises

Wednesday: 5.01 miles and DR exercises, plus a 1.5ish mile walk with the fam before dinner

Thursday: 7.31 miles and DR exercises

Friday: 6.51 miles and DR exercises

Saturday: 2 mile stroller run and then ~4ish miles of walking

Total: 34.27 mi running

Some questions for you:

  • Does your schedule change with the school year?
  • How do you fit in weight lifting or non-running activities? For the days I do my 10 min DR exercises, I do those and then a run but wake up a little earlier to fit in both.  

 l am linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.

8 thoughts on “Last Week of Summertime

  1. My schedule doesn’t change anymore, but if I am going to the office I try to get on the road before peak neighborhood school traffic time.

    I got spoiled during the pandemic with having time to run and do strength. I’m having a hard time adjusting to having to choose!

    I hope the first week of school goes well.

  2. I don’t have kids, but do have to play dodg’em on my morning runs with school drop off, and after work events increase.
    Good luck to your minions nd all of you with the routine change

  3. Since my kids are older, my schedule doesn’t change any more. You packed in a ton of miles this week! I do my strength training on days when I don’t run

  4. Yes, my schedule changes a bit when school starts. Now that I only have one kid at home and she’s in middle school, our mornings are on the later side because MS starts so late. Next year she goes to high school and I’ll be back to those dark runs! Good luck with those earlier bedtimes- the first week back can be challenging.

  5. Like the others, my schedule is pretty constant year-round now. I don’t run daily, so it’s easy to fit in cycling and/or strength workouts to keep a good variety of muscle groups strong and happy.

  6. No kids for me, so my schedule doesn’t change much, but I think a lot more people will be in the office once school starts again, so I guess that’s a change! Good luck with the back to school for you.

    Love the sunrise pictures, beautiful!

  7. It’s so hard to get those strength workouts in. For me, I do my runs in the morning and then strength in the evening. My 5-year-old is usually with me in the evening so I bought him small 2 lb weights and he will do them with me. I wish I was able to work from home more to squeeze then, but alas only one day a week for me.

    Kiddo has not started school yet so I’m sure things will change next fall. Great job getting your runs in.

  8. Oh, yes. My schedule has changed for sure. It’s not terrible, but I’m trying to adjust to my early mornings and the kiddo’s later nights.

    I’m struggling with cross training right now. There just aren’t enough hours in the day.

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