Long Weekend in Upstate New York

This week was a little out of whack, workout wise. But for good reason – I was in Upstate New York visiting my family! It was the first time we’d been out there since GM was born, and only the second time since 2020 (thanks, pandemic). That’s why I didn’t get in a long run, or even every day of DR exercises. But I got in some runs with new scenery, some long walks, and – most importantly – some great family time.

Here’s what the week looked like:

Sunday –   4.16 stroller miles with GM

Monday –   5.07  miles and DR exercises

Tuesday –   5.11 miles and DR exercises – I almost didn’t get out there because it rainy but I ended up getting out in between showers and got in a run with just some sprinkling. Not bad!

puddle running

Wednesday –   5.02 miles and DR exercises. This morning there was a BEAUTIFUL sunrise! I couldn’t get over the pinkish clouds.

another gorgeous sunrise

Thursday –   4.19 miles in NY – and check out this scenery, cows!

cows running

Friday –   4.41 miles in NY

Saturday –     No running, but I did get in a 5+ mile walk, 3 of which were some of my best friends from home. It was nice to “rest” my legs and just get a walk with a change of scenery.


Mid-walk photo

Total: 27.96 weekly running miles

Some questions for you:

  • Do you go for walks?
  • What’s the longest car trip you tend to take?

 l am linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.

5 thoughts on “Long Weekend in Upstate New York

  1. How fun to get the family out for some new scenery and adventure. I am sure it was nice to run in a different place for a few days. I am not good at long car trips!

  2. Well, I walk Scooby everday. 😉 We did a lot of walking and hiking with my daughter in Colorado.

    I don’t mind long drives — probably 8-10 hours is my limit. Shorter than that and it can be faster than flying when you factor in airport logistics.

  3. I’ve been on MANY long car trips. When we were in Michigan, we made that trip back to Iowa numerous times (it was 9ish hours in the car, but we stopped several times while en route). We’ve also driven to Florida many times, as well, for various vacations. Glad you had a nice trip to NY!

  4. Wow, that trip sounds amazing- the photos are beautiful! The car trip we’re on right now is 20 hours, and we do it in two days. It’s not too bad broken up that way. But of course I’m not traveling with small kids- that’s a LOT harder!

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