Finishing Her Run

This week, many members of the global running community found themselves feeling shocked and horrified with the news of the kidnapping and death of Eliza Fletcher. Liza, a mom of two, was out for a run at 4:30 a.m. before her family awoke. There are so many of us that see ourselves in this young mom, and feel sick thinking about what happened. 

This week, I woke up anxious. I had a knot in my stomach before I went out for my runs. I ran more cautiously than normal, keeping my eyes peeled for any unwanted visitors. My ears were extra sensitive to the noises around me. I even second guessed running some days because really – is it worth it to go outside and go for a run if this is a possible outcome?

But I did run. And on Friday, I joined in the  “Finish Her Run” virtual event, where runners pledged to run for Liza, on their own time, as long as they felt safe. Knowing there were many other runners doing the same thing as I was going, I signed up and dedicated my miles Friday to her. I didn’t make it to 8.2 miles as she would have, but ran a little more than my usual 5 and got in 6 to celebrate her life. 

I’m not trying to make this a bummer of a post, but I still feel sick to my stomach when I think about what happened. I’m still feeling anxious when I think about running in the dark. I’ve changed all my Strava and Garmin settings to private, and I have my Garmin Live Tracking set up so my husband is notified of my route during and after my run. But that’s still not enough – and I don’t know what is. 

Here’s what my week looked like: 

Sunday: 5.1 running miles.  It kept looking like rain all day but the morning was clear! It only started raining (and not stopping) when we made it out to the Guardians game.

Monday: 5 miles and some trails plus a short walk/run with LM.  It was great to sleep in until 7 for Labor Day and still get in my run! 


trail therapy


running with LM

Tuesday: 5.01 miles plus DR exercises.

Wednesday: 5.16 miles plus DR exercises  

Thursday: 5.07  miles plus DR exercises

Friday:  6 miles to #finishherrun


check out that sandal tan line!

Saturday:  4.2 miles total – I went for a 2.1 mile run early, and then 2.1 mile run/walk during the naptime.

Total: 35.54 mi running

Some questions for you:

  • Tell me something good, happy, etc.
  • Are you reading anything good? I just started the new Taylor Jenkins Reid – Carrie Soto Is Back. 

 l am linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.

5 thoughts on “Finishing Her Run

  1. I was also a little leery out there this week. I am really thankful that I have my run squad to run with and that is really the best safety measure I can take. Do you ever run with anyone else? NIce mileage this week!

  2. Yes, I’m sure we were all thinking about Eliza this week and looking around nervously as we ran. Such a shame that we have to feel like that, and such a tragedy for Eliza and her family (and her students- she was a kindergarten teacher- can you imagine having to explain what happened to her students?) But… we have to carry on. Let’s see, something happy… I’m sitting here eating pumpkin waffles while listening to my daughter practicing the flute. A happy Sunday morning!

  3. I am proud of all of us who went out to run for Eliza. it can be scary out there, and sometimes I second guess myself too. But we can’t let our fear keep us from what we love. Or at least, that’s what I keep telling myself.

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