September Celebrations

With September and back-to-school in full swing, we had a full/busy week of running and non-running activities. From B’s family golf outing to B’s birthday to helping coach FW’s cross country practice one day, the week was hardly uneventful. Here’s how it went: 


Sunday: 4.11 total miles – I got in a quick run and then a walk with GM while the kiddos were with B at the family golf outing. We met them there. LM was excited to go with the big kids this year!


Monday: 5.03 miles plus DR exercises.  

Tuesday: 5.06 miles plus DR exercises.

Tuesday was B’s birthday! I got in a run before anyone woke up, and then took the day off to spend with him and LM. We ended up going for a walk at the beach, plus a walk around downtown before going to the Guardian’s game. My feet were tired at the end of the day 🙂


Wednesday: 5.29 miles total plus DR exercises. I was able to break up the run. I did a few miles in the morning, and then I helped coach FW’s xc practice and got in about 1.25 miles there. It was fun, but I’m glad I’m not a coach or gym teacher on.a regular basis.  

Thursday: 4.4 miles during my lunch break, then a nearly 2 mile walk with the family to and from soccer practice and the playground after work. FW did a little workout on the playground before soccer practice – he is good at pull ups!


Friday:  4.8 miles 

Saturday:  2.12 stroller miles in the a.m. with GM, then a 2ish mile walk with the big kids

Total: 30.61 mi running

Some questions for you:

  • Do you golf?
  • Any September birthdays?

 l am linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.

9 thoughts on “September Celebrations

  1. HA! I have been known to swing a golf club and (maybe) hit the ball, but it’s a far cry from what anyone would call real golfing, LOL. I’ve tried to pick up the game, as an adult, but it’s just painfully boring to me (and I really suck at it, too). Nice busy week for you, I bet it went fast!

  2. Such a busy week, but way to get your workouts in. I love that FW is learning how to get workouts in outside. Something we all can learn from.

    I do not golf at all, but husband does and he is really good at it doing tournaments and such. He keeps trying to talk me into it…maybe someday soon.

  3. You did well- got a lot of running in along with everything else you do! No, I don’t golf and find the game extremely boring- but I know a lot of people out there disagree with me. Coaching little kids would be hard, I also wouldn’t want to do it on a regular basis.

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