Fall Is Here

We had another fun and busy week here. From work events to block parties to birthday parties, it was full, and I was glad to be able to get in a few runs and workouts when I could. Now that fall is officially here, I’m trying to soak up every last week of the warmish/fall-like weather while we have it!

Here’s what the week entailed: 


Sunday:  4.83 mi stroller run/walk with GM. I started out on a run, and then he dropped his sock and he fell asleep so I went on a walk while he slept, looking for the sock and then the bottle top he dropped. Ended at almost 5 and he got in a nice short nap!


The day also included a walk with the kiddos to a nearby toy store for a cool event with their school. And then we had our block party for some more walking and outdoor enjoyment. FW rode his bike for about 2 hours and got a face full of whipped cream (among other fun stuff) so I know he had a good time.


Monday:   5.02 miles and DR workout. Also caught this gorgeous sunrise!


Tuesday: 4.5 miles and was able to run during the daytime. See the spiderweb on the bottom left of this photo? Had to capture a photo during my run.


Wednesday:  0 miles – instead I did a longer DR workout and then an arm workout. I had slipped on one of GM’s toys Tuesday evening, and sprained/stubbed my big toe. I iced it Tuesday and decided it was probably best to rest for at least a day. Since it was still hurting when I woke up, I opted to do a different workout.  

During the day, I spent it with my work team and we participated in somethign called the “Take Flight” training, where they end up identifying each person as a different type of bird for your personality. I ended up being a Parrot/Dove, but mostly Parrot. Maybe because I’m somewhat talkative? It reminded me somewhat of the tetramap training I did several years ago, where I was a “fire” personality – very similar to parrot!


Thursday: Toe was feeling a little better, but not 100%, so I opted for a shorter run than the 5 miles I had planned. I did 3.21 miles and a DR workout.  I set out to do 2, but I just kept going. Whoops!

Friday:  5.26 miles during daylight! I didn’t have any early meetings, so I got in a run after taking FW to the bus stop and was still able to be at work on time. I was grateful to sleep a little in and also get in some nicer than usual views (see below for the neighborhood I love to run through – they have a great pond!):


Saturday:   3.1 mi and then soccer for FW, dance for LM and our next door neighbor’s birthday party which included almost 2 mi of walking to and from. It was a full, but fun day!

Total: 25.92 mi running

Some questions for you:

  • Does your neighborhood have block parties?
  • Have you done any personality tests? Which ones and what are you?

 l am linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.

6 thoughts on “Fall Is Here

  1. Those are some beautiful photos!

    I’ve done a few of those personality tests, but never remember my results. They are interesting to think through though.

    Our neighborhood has an annual picnic, but we’ve never been around for it!

  2. You had some great runs and nice photos this week. Your kids are cuties! I recently did a Clifton Strengths test which was kind of an interesting look at some of my top strengths.

  3. Nice miles in spite of the toe injury! This weather sure makes it easy to run too far, lol. My neighborhood used to have block parties, but now that my kids are grown and flown, we’re kind of out of the loop!

  4. Our neighborhood has an annual block party either for Independence Day or Labor Day. We have lots of fun things for the kids, too, like dunk tank and moon bounce house.

    Hope your toe recovers completely and quickly!

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