Daily Deluge and So Long September

Well, last week’s fun, sunny and still somewhat warm fall weather was great … but this week brought chilly RAIN nearly every day. It was tough to get in my runs, especially since I’m trying to hold out on the treadmill until I really HAVE to, as it tends to wake up my kids when I’m on it at 5 a.m.  Then, during the middle of the week my husband and then son both got the stomach flu, meaning not much sleep. So, I had to get creative with my workouts this week. Thankfully, though, despite the rain, we had nothing like what the southeastern part of the U.S. had this week with the hurricane – sending everyone impacted by the storm good wishes!

Here’s how the week looked: 

Sunday:  4.11 miles before the rain started. It was supposed to rain all day but somehow ended up being GORGEOUS for my run. Don’t worry, the rain started shortly thereafter and didn’t stop for several days. 

Here’s the gorgeous view – before the clouds rolled in:


Monday:   4.02 miles and DR workout. Again, I lucked out and it was mostly clear during my run, starting pretty much the second I got back and raining nearly all day. 


Tuesday: 4.12 miles and a longer DR workout. I woke up to torrential rain – the kind of rain that you go outside to get your mail and come back in with soaked shoes so I knew it wouldn’t be the best running weather. So I snoozed and opted to do a longer DR workout. When I finished, there was a pause in the rain and I had 10 minutes before I had to start getting ready, so I got in 1.28 miles. Later in the day, I was able to sneak out again for 2.84 miles, bringing me to more than 4 for the day. 

Wednesday: 5 miles before work. My toe was feeling pretty good and despite not going to bed early, I felt pretty awake and ready go!

Thursday: 5 miles before work – but not feeling great. FW had been up the night throwing up (:() so I didn’t sleep well. Because of that, I was able to get up early – I wasn’t able to sleep!

Friday: 4.1 miles. I couldn’t get out of bed, the tiredness of the week catching up to me. When I finally got up and out the door, it was 40 minutes later than I would’ve liked! Thus, the short(er) workout. But I did also get in a 1 mile walk during the day, which was great.

Saturday: no running! Spent the day on my feet- first at a double header soccer game for FW, then at LM’s dance class. I did get in a ~5k walk during nap time, though, which was great! 

Total: 26.51 mi running

And that brings us to the following for September:

~127 mi running, including 2 stroller runs and no races



Some questions for you:

  • Do you have any races coming up? We have two planned for October – one is today!
  • Is it starting to cool down where you are?

 l am linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.

6 thoughts on “Daily Deluge and So Long September

  1. Your September miles look good! We haven’t had rain since Friday of the previous week, but we sure had cold temps for several days. I hope your race went well!

  2. Other than a torrential storm a couple of weeks ago, we’ve been quite dry here….and very fall like. Hope you had fun at your race! I’m supposed to run ZOOMA Amelia Island in a couple of weeks .I’m still not sure if/how they were impacted by the hurricane.

  3. Boo to the stomach flu. My husband has a sinus thing that he just can’t kick. No one is sleeping in this house. Ugh.

    I have one race this month. I wanted to sign up for another, but it’s Bandtober, so…. nope.

    Hope you are able to get some more rest this week!

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