Fall Running Fun

Another week in October is done, and it really started to feel like fall this week. We had some beautiful fall weather (on Sunday), some cruddy rainy and cool fall weather (Monday through Wednesday), and some warm weather (on Saturday).   

And this week, I somehow managed to get out every day, despite the rain (luckily it was mostly a drizzle), and cool that I’m not ready for. Running on Tuesday and Wednesday reminded me of this meme:

running rain meme

This week, I also tried to focus on my core and getting in my diastasis recti exercises. My gap is still a few fingers wide, and I’d love to close it and get stronger as much as I can. So, instead of getting in a full 5 miles most mornings, I spent 10 minutes or so doing my ab exercises and cut my run a little short.

Knowing that, here’s how the week looked: 

Sunday: 4.36 stroller run/walk with FW! Our running stroller is broken (it needs a new tire), but I was able to still get in a run with our stroller that isn’t as good. As long as I stuck to mostly paved paths, it mostly worked. We got to see some of the fall colors, and I enjoyed the time with him.


I was going to get in a walk with GM later, but he didn’t want to go back in the stroller. Now that he is walking, he just wanted to walk himself! So we took a 20 minute walk together, and made it about .3 miles with him walking nearly the whole way.


Monday5.01 miles in the cold and dark and diastasis recti ab exercises

Tuesday: 4.16 miles in the cold, wet and dark and diastasis recti ab exercises

Wednesday: 4.7 miles and diastasis recti ab exercises

Thursday: 4.2 miles and diastsis recti ab exercises.

Friday2.36 miles and diastasis recti exercises – wanted to take it easy before my race on Saturday 

Saturday: 3.1 miles at the Bulldog Bolt- 25:30

This 5K was a fundraiser for my son’s school, and it was a fun, fast race! I have not been speed training and was pleased with my time-  it was fast for me! My husband did the 1 mile fun run with the other 3 kiddos while I did the 5K and it was a fun start to our weekend.


Total: 27.89 mi running


Some questions for you:

  • Any fall races coming up?
  • Do you take time off before or after a 5K race?

 l am linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.

6 thoughts on “Fall Running Fun

  1. NIce job on that speedy 5K! Yes, I typically take off the day before a race. My usual run schedule is 3 days a week so that usually works for me.

  2. That does sound like a fun start to your weekend, the entire family doing a race together!
    You’re being incredibly disciplined about your DR exercises. It will pay off in the long run, and running 4.7 instead of 5 won’t make any difference, so it’s a smart tradeoff.

  3. That’s a great 5K finish time! This week, although ‘d “only” done the 5K on Sunday, I really felt like a recovery was needed. Like I said on the blog, it felt like I’d run the 13.1 instead, LOL

  4. Oh, look at those beautiful views!

    I typically don’t take time off before or after a 5K. Those just sort of fall into the training plan.
    You did amazing!

    Sorry about your stroller. That must be frustrating 😦

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