Okay, October – I Like You

I’ve said this before, but I don’t love fall. I’m not one of those girls who counts down until this season – instead, I love summer and spring. BUT I will admit that lately I’ve been enjoying a few things about October in Cleveland:

  • The weather has been pretty great so far (it’s been 50s-70s!)
  • The leaves changing are gorgeous
  • The Halloween decor is amazing

Do I miss the warm and long days of summer? Yes, of course. But I can’t hate everything about fall so far because it’s been pretty good. 

Here’s how the week looked: 

Sunday:  NO run! B and I had partied late the night before and I got in almost 19,000 steps from just dancing. So, Sunday I took it easy – meaning a few walks and trips to the playground and a birthday party with LM. Still got in my step goal, but no running for the day. My parents were still in town so it was fun hanging out and walking with them.


Monday4.42 miles: FW had the day off of school so I was able to sleep in, which was great! I got in 4.42 miles, including some on trails, and then a walk with the family.  I hung out with FW all day, which was a nice change. 


Got in some trails in the morning, before hitting the playground and lunch with FW


Tuesday: 4.04 miles and diastasis recti ab exercises, plus 2 mile walk While B was making dinner, I was able to get in a 2 mile walk with FW and it was gorgeous out!


Wednesday: 5.01 miles and diastasis recti ab exercises 

Thursday: 5.01 miles and diastasis recti ab exercises – I was able to run while it was light out and enjoy some fall foliage.


Friday5.03 miles and diastasis recti exercises

Saturday: 3.65 miles before soccer, ballet, birthday party and the Guardians game!

Total: 27.16 mi running

Some questions for you:

  • Are you watching baseball right now? Who are you rooting for?
  • Do you like fall?

 l am linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.

9 thoughts on “Okay, October – I Like You

  1. Finally. Someone who gets my feelings about fall.
    Hate the darkness and dread upcoming winter.

    I was a Mets fan. No need to say more.

  2. Yes, we are Phillies fans and all about it over her right now. I am embracing all things fall it’s my favorite time of the year. Have a great week

  3. 19,000 steps dancing is a workout in itself!

    I do enjoy fall for both its beauty and lower humidity. We are just shy of peak here so this year I’m getting to enjoy two peak seasons (we were in New England a week ago).

  4. October is one of my favorite months – the cool weather, the pretty trees. I don’t like the dark mornings, but at least here you can still run in shorts!

    No baseball fans in my house. We’re watching football but not really rooting for D.C.

  5. When I lived up north I never liked fall. Now that I live in Florida I miss certain aspects of it. I’m a little jealous of everyone’s pictures of the leaves! But not jealous enough to move back there.
    I grew up near Chicago, so…. Cubs! Obviously.

  6. Gotta say I do not like Fall nearly as much as I LOVE Summer. But, I cannot deny the beauty of the fall foliage 😉

  7. Darlene and I were just talking about this-there are benefits of other seasons if not running. I love sitting outside and reading in summer, but I hate summer running. Love fall running but miss my outside time. Sitting outside among the leaves are amazing

  8. I’m a Yankees fan, but baseball isn’t my first (or second or third love). It’s fun in person, but boring on TV and the season is forever. Im pretty pissed at most organized sports right now. Teams just aren’t doing right by their players (mostly in football), and I’m losing patience. Some days I just get a bug up my butt about things like that.

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