Kicking off the Holiday Season

And so it begins – the holiday season! I love this time of year and can’t now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, I can’t wait until celebrating Christmas. This year, for the first time in five years, I was able to travel back east to spend Thanksgiving with my family. The last time we were with my family for Thanksgiving it was before LM was born, and I can’t put into words how great it was to be able to spend the time with my family again.

As part of the trip, I was even able to do a Turkey Trot in Connecticut! It was great to still fit in one of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving, and I’m thankful for my family for not only driving 20ish hours total for the trip, but also waking up early on Thanksgiving and letting me get in a race. Other than that, there wasn’t that much time for fitness during my time (see: 20-hours in the car with three kids), but I was glad to be able to fit it in.

Here’s how the week looked:

Sunday: 5.2 treadmill miles — In Cleveland, I woke up to a snowstorm. So, I opted for the treadmill. While FW and LM woke up, I ran a few miles. Then, GM woke up, so I paused to feed him breakfast. When B got up, I got back on the treadmill and finished up my run.

Monday: 4 outdoor miles in my Yaktrax and DR ab exercises – The snow had gotten packed down a little, so I put on the Yaktrax and was able to get in a few miles.

Tuesday: 4 treadmill miles and DR ab exercises – The snow had been more packed down and was too slippery for Yaktrax, so I ended up on the treadmill

Wednesday – no run, just car miles and then some pool time with the kids at the hotel

Thursday: 3.16 miles for the Turkey Trot – what a fun morning! The race had a free kids run, so FW and LM were able to get in a short sprint and fun finish line trophies. The race was a little hilly for me, but it was fun to get out there and the weather was perfect for running. And then, more pool time with the kids.

trophiesturkey trot

Friday: 2.5 treadmill miles at the hotel gym – When B took the kids to the pool, I had 25 minutes to get in a workout and was grateful for the time to myself. It was shorter than I would’ve liked, but what was needed before getting on the road again.

Saturday: 4.05 miles before getting on the road again. I got in a quick run in NY while the kids stayed home with B and my parents. It’s always nice to run somewhere different and the 40 degree temps in the morning were perfect for running.

total mileage: 22.91

Questions for you:

  • Did you participate in a Turkey Trot race?
  • Hotel pools – yay or nay 

 l am linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.

8 thoughts on “Kicking off the Holiday Season

  1. 20 hour drive.? Wow.

    Turkey trots are the best. Glad you got one in.

    And snow. A big nay. Hope it’s awhile before my yak trax go on.

  2. That is great that you all got in a Turkey trot together! 20 hour drive? Wow! My kids would never have been up for that. Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving

  3. Oh, those trophies!!! I bet that made their day! I know all about long road trips with three little kids. We made the trek from Michigan to Iowa (and back, LOL) numerous times when we were MI residents. We’ve also road-tripped to Florida more times than I can remember…

  4. I would love to hear how you got through that car trip! Glad you were able to do it. It sounds like a really nice Thanksgiving. Nice job to you and the kids on that Turkey Trot!

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