Seasonal Confusion

Is it still fall or did winter come early?

I know winter technically starts next month, but in Cleveland, it feels like it has come already. We had snow several days last week, and while it thankfully (so far) hasn’t stayed, I am not ready for it! I’ve tried to contain my disappointment and dismay though, since my kids love the snow and were so excited by the first snowfall we had on Sunday, I can’t help but try to feel their excitement. I don’t want my feelings to wear off on them yet! 

With the first snow, came the first few treadmill runs of the season. It was time to (quite literally) dust off my dear old friend and get back on for.a few miles. Here’s how the week looked:

Sunday:  3.75 treadmill miles while B played outside with the kids in the snow. It’s impossible to run on the treadmill with GM around (he is only 15 months and doesn’t really get that he can’t just run up to it while I’m on it), so I have to make an effort to run on it when there are no kids home/awake.


Monday: 4 miles and diastasis recti ab exercises before work. Luckily the snow melted most of Sunday and overnight, so the roads were clear!

Tuesday: 4.5 miles and diastasis recti ab exercises. It was a struggle to get out of bed. But, when I was outside, man, did I feel pretty good! 

Wednesday: 5.1 miles, split between two runs — I got in half outside and then half on the treadmill. I watched part of an old episode of Mad Men while I ran — I started watching the series again since I never truly saw all the episodes, and am enjoying it. Being a former ad agency pro, it’s scary how relatable it is some times!

Thursday4.25  outdoor miles that ended up being not so fun. The run started out okay, but about 2 miles in it started to snow – and not just some flurries, but heavy, get stuck in my eyes and blinding snow! I was so grateful when I made it home — my eyes were stinging and I had to seriously slow down to avoid slipping. 


Friday: 4.5 miles running and diastasis recti ab exercises. Again, the snow from Thursday had melted and the air was clear. I wish I had 5 more minutes and could’ve gotten in .5 more — but I had to get FW up for school. 

Saturday: 4 mile run before an impromptu playdate, ballet, and dinner with our neighbors/more playdate. It was COLD but I was glad to be outside with the sun and blue sky! I got to run on some nearby trails and even caught some deer taking a drink/bath in a stream. It was good for the soul.

Total:  30.05 mi running


Some questions for you:

  • Did you ever watch Mad Men?
  • What are your Thanksgiving plans? Any baking/cooking? Travel? I can’t believe it’s this wek!

 l am linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.

6 thoughts on “Seasonal Confusion

  1. I am asking the same question! We went from near record highs last weekend to sub-average temperatures this weekend — from running in shorts to needing tights + gloves.

    Do your kids love the snow? It’s always a treat around here because we don’t get many snow days.

  2. Oh yes, it looks and (very much) feels like winter in Iowa! I agree, it’s hard to believe Thanksgiving is THIS week!

  3. Looks like winter temps were everywhere this week. I know your kids loved it! I can’t believe it is Thanksgiving this week either. I have a lot to do

  4. I don’t watch a ton of TV, so Mad Men wasn’t on the list.

    We are cooking tomorrow and then bringing everything with us to a cabin with friends. It’s going to be great!

    Stay safe with all that snow!

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