Lots of Inside Time

It’s always in January that I start to get tired of winter. We’ve been lucky to have a mild winter so far – our average snow fall is down! – but this week, almost each morning had something that made it difficult to run outside. Between heavy snow, melting snow/thus ice, and rain, it was a less-than-ideal week for running weather-wise. I’m thankful for my treadmill. Is it too early to start a count down to spring?

Here’s what this week looked like: 

Sunday: 3.28 treadmill miles and ~1 mile outdoor walk — I set an alarm, because had plans for Sunday morning – to go sledding! So I woke up and had just enough time to get in a little over 3 miles before we hit the big hill nearby. Then later in the day I got in a short walk before the kids woke up from their nap.


It was a really nice day for a walk!


Monday: 4.51 treadmill miles and ab workout — It was icy when I woke up, so I opted for the treadmill. I was able to watch some Manifest.

Tuesday: 4.3 treadmill  miles and ab workout  — It was cool and rainy, but luckily during the day the rain washed away all the snow! I watched more Manifest – I’m on their newest (last?) season and I only watch it on the treadmill, so it’s a nice incentive to run in the morning.

Wednesday: 4.52 OUTSIDE miles and ab workout — I was so glad to be able to run OUTSIDE. It was short lived because the next morning, it was pouring out. 

Thursday: 4.75 treadmill miles and ab workout 

Friday: 4 treadmill miles and ab AND mini arm workout – I woke up to snow again. As I said, I’m ready for it to be done!

Saturday:   3.16 treadmill miles.  I set my alarm to get in a short run before our busy day. We started off with an early basketball game for FW, and then ballet for LM. Then, that afternoon we headed downtown for a family walk. It was COLD but not snowy so good to take a  walk!

Total mileage:   27.04 mi

Questions for you:

  • What do you do when it’s snowy/icy? Do you cross train? Go outside anyway? 
  •  What’s your least favorite season?

 l am linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.


8 thoughts on “Lots of Inside Time

  1. Ice is always a deal breaker for me and on Friday, I ran on my TM. It’s dark when I usually head out, so that’s especially dangerous with black ice. I cannot wait for spring.

  2. I definitely do not run outside if it’s icy. It’s treacherous enough just walking Scooby!

    We watched manifest too! It got stranger and stranger, but that’s usually how sci fi shows evolve.

    Sledding looks so fun!

  3. Ice is always a dealbreaker for me, after breaking my leg running on it TWICE. No thanks. Treadmill works just fine. I’ll tough it out in the rain though!

    January is a tough month. Almost done though!

  4. I don’t think my comment went through, so here a second attempt: I think I said something about dealing with patchy ice in full daylight, but this time of year I have darkness when I’m doing most of my early morning runs. I had to take it to the treadmill a couple times this past week due to the probable ice under all the snow (we’d had freezing rain prior to the snowfall). I definitely want my daylight back, and warmer weather!

  5. We have been having a mild Winter so no complaints there. We did get snow today and I didn’t run at all. I had no desire to deal with the snow. I am looking forward to Spring just to avoid the snow.

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