February Sunshine

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! Are you excited for the big game? In my past life (just a year ago), I worked at an ad agency, and this day was a BIG deal. Not for the sports, but instead for the ads. There were several years in a row that I was “working” the game, taking notes of ads, live tweeting and preparing blog posts or content for the agency to share immediately following the game. It was fun – but I’m glad to be just enjoying the game ads and food tonight. 

But this isn’t a post about football – it’s about running! 

Winter is still in full swing in Cleveland, but at least this week we got a break from the snow and ice, and enjoyed some blue skies for a few days. This made all the difference, and I even got to enjoy the sunshine on a few midday walks.

Here’s what this week looked like this:

Sunday: 3.7  miles —  I wanted to get in a little more – and probably could’ve gotten in 4, but we had plans to meet up on a playdate for LM and I wanted to make sure I had time to get her ready/fed, and get myself ready before leaving the house around 9:15. It all worked out, and we had a fun time! 

Monday: 5.11 miles and ab workout, plus 1.2 mi treadmill walk during my lunch break — .Some days I get a lot of movement, some days I don’t. I was glad Monday was a good movement day!

Tuesday: 4.61 miles and ab workout  –  Most of the snow and ice had melted after our “warm front” over the weekend, and it was so nice to be able to run without fear or slipping or sliding.

Wednesday – 5 miles and ab workout, 2 mile   – I could barely get out of bed this morning, and told myself “just three miles.” Then, I got to 4 and a little more and decided to keep going to get to five. Of course I was glad with my decision, and the run left me feeling productive for most of the morning. I then got in a 2 mile walk during my lunch break, and the sky was sunny and it helped me feel great the rest of my day!

Scene from the walk


Thursday – 3.7 treadmill miles and ab workout, then 1.25 treadmill mile walk later in the day – I could NOT get out of bed! I ended up getting up later than usual and after I did my core exercises, had less time than I would’ve liked to work out. I got in almost 4 miles running, and then a 1.25 miles on the treadmill later that afternoon. 

Friday –  5 miles –   FW was off school, so I got to sleep in and then get in a nice run before our Friday Fun Day. It was the perfect start to my long weekend!

Saturday:  4.08 miles running, then 3+ mile walk and abs later in the day. I hate setting an alarm on the weekend, but I really wanted to get in a run before basketball and ballet for my kids, so I did it. 4 miles later in the sunshine, I was glad I did it and ready to start the day!   I was also able to enjoy the sunshine later in the day with a 2 mile solo walk, then 1 mile stroller walk. There were so many people out enjoying the weather, it reminded me of spring.

Total mileage:  31.51 mi

Questions for you:

  • Was it sunny near you?
  • What weather would you prefer – 20s and sunny or 30s and cloudy?

I am linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.

10 thoughts on “February Sunshine

  1. Great job pushing yourself to get your runs in! I remember those days of trying to juggle everything and get my run in. We’re still having the freeze/thaw thing going on, so today I’m going to do my long run on the road (ugh) instead of the trails. A runner’s gotta do, am I right?

    Have a great week!

  2. Oh, wow on working at an ad agency on game day. So many people watch for the ads!

    Since I run at dark o’clock, I’ll chose the 30s, but if it’s in the 20s I will wait for the sun.

  3. Not much sun here. It seems to come out after I’m done with a run.

    So I’m in Florida. And I won’t complain that it’s too hot. I promise.

    Congrats on another good mileage week.

  4. I totally forgot about the Super Bowl, lol. I am sure I’ll fall asleep before it starts. Yeah for getting out there on the days you really didn’t feel like it. Sometimes you just have days or weeks you muddle through. They do pay off. I am not that far from you and this wonky weather has given me headaches all week. It’s made it hard for me to enjoy the beautiful sunshine.

  5. With the exception of Thursday, we’ve had a lot of sunshine the past two weeks. The blue skies really make for a great day! I’m not much of an NLF gal, but I do like watching the Super Bowl (more for the commercials, though, LOL).

  6. That’s a really good week of running for you! I’m totally with you about no snow and ice… the risk of slipping is the worst problem with it. I think if I still lived in Sweden, I’d never get the idea of running because too much of the year it wouldn’t be safe to my standards to run. I always prefer the warmer temperatures if I have to choose between that and sun!

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