Kicking off February

I have two reasons to be excited about this week – first, we finished January and I had decent mileage and second, I did a group run! I rarely run with people, and it was nice to be social and get outside with fellow runners to kick off the Cleveland Marathon training cycle.  On a less exciting note, this week another wave of sickness made it through our house and forced me to take a day off. But I’m feeling all better now! 

Here are some January highlights:

Total running mileage: 122.88

Other activities: Some walks PLUS I did ab exercises 3-5 days/week every week!

Lowlights: Getting covid. It didn’t stop me from running, but slowed me down somewhat, and I am still feeling like I am recoverin some days. Also, the weather. We had plenty of cold, icy and snowy days. I ran outside 17 days, and inside 14 days.

And then this week looked like this:

Sunday: 4.12 rainy miles — I was planning on getting in a nice outdoor run, but woke up to pouring rain and upper thirties. I was determined not to have another indoor run, and luckily the rain turned to a drizzle eventually, and I made it outside for a few chilly (but not freezing), wet miles. 

Monday: 5 treadmill miles and ab workout — . I wanted to test out a non-DR ab workout and I was glad I did! I was sore the next day, but a good kind of sore. I hope I didn’t do more damage than good, but I needed to do something not DR-related. 

Tuesday: 4.6 treadmill miles and ab workout  –  It had snowed the night before, and then iced over a drop, so I decided to just run inside. I started with another ab video before getting on the dreadmill.

Wednesday – sick day – I took my first day off in more than a month on Wednesday. B was home on Tuesday with a stomach bug, and Tuesday night I started feeling sick – aches, chills and stomach pain. Thankfully I never got sick to my stomach, but I needed to take the day off.  

Thursday – 5.09 miles and ab workout – I woke up feeling alright and wanted to test it out with a run – I got in 5 miles and felt great! It was COLD out but I felt good to run after a day off. I also got in an 8 minute ab video after the run.

Friday –  4 treadmill miles –   My plans for a longer run and ab workout got derailed by another sick kiddo and toddler up earlier than usual. At least I was able to get in a short-ish run to start my day. It was “feels like 3” when I woke up and I couldn’t bring myself out the door. 

Saturday:  4.78 miles at the Cleveland Marathon kickoff run! It was so cold but so good to run with people and see some of my fellow Cleveland Marathon Ambassadors. I ran fast (for me) and loved running downtown, which I haven’t done in a while. 

We had a nice selection of ambassadors there – here we are all bundled up:


Total mileage:  27.01 mi

Questions for you:

  • Do you do any group runs?
  • Did it get freezing where you are too this week/weekend?

I am linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.

11 thoughts on “Kicking off February

  1. Ha! I spy one of my fellow Brooks Run Happy Team members next to you in the group photo above. Isn’t it funny how social media brings us all together? I bet you really enjoyed the group run.

    I sure hope all of you are feeling better! The stomach flu is the worst. I had it in December. Ugh.

  2. Group runs are fun, but I don’t get much opportunity here. Hoping to join up with my friends, Barb and Allison, tonight if I get home at a decent time. There’s a full moon….

  3. Ugh- sorry about your stomach issue but I’m glad it was only one day! It’s hard when the kids get it and you can’t sleep though.
    Great mileage for the week, and that group run sounds really fun!

  4. Group runs are hard to coordinate, but they are almost always worth it. What fun!

    Sorry about Covid AND the stomach bug, but glad its behind you and you’re feeling better. February will be a better month!

  5. I haven’t done a group run since the pandemic. I just run with Scooby. I might join some MRTT runs when my training calls for longer runs — he maxes out at about 8 miles.

    Glad you didn’t get really sick this week — stomach bugs are the worst.

  6. Ugh, I’m so sorry to hear you got that stomach bug that’s been going around.

    I used to do almost exclusively group runs, but now they’re mostly by myself because of my schedule.

  7. I haven’t ran in a group run in quite some time. That is something I intend to start doing once I’m cleared to run again.

    I’m sorry to hear you were sick. I’m grateful to be past the phase of sick little ones. I still have 4 kids at home, but for the most part, they are self-reliant. My older kids help with my younger kids. We also haven’t had any nasty stomach bugs in our house in a while. That is the worst!

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