The Weather in the Land Goes Up and Down

Up and down … up and down! Our weather and temps have gone up and down this week. And I can’t complain, especially about the UP! It is back to seasonably normal weather right now, but it was in the upper 60s on Wednesday, which was just AMAZING. I ran in the dark in shorts!  The taste of spring was exactly what me and my body needed. But now, back to the cold …


Here’s what this week looked like:

Sunday: 4.46 miles running, 3 mile walk —  I woke up early, and helped the kids get their Valentine’s together for Tuesday. Then, I got in a run mid-morning, later than usual. It was great to be outside in the sunshine on a seasonably warm day — AND I was able to take out GM in the stroller! It was our first stroller run in months. After that, LM and I got in a short run around the block. Later in the day, my run, I got in an unintentionally 3 mile walk. While FW was at a birthday party, I ventured to a local park to check out their trails. I intended on walking 1-2 miles, then heading to the grocery store. Well, I turned around at 1 mile, but I got lost and ended up on another trail! I finally figured out where to go, but ended my “short” walk at 3 miles. 


Monday: 4.25 speedy miles and ab workout — I had a hard time getting up – I had been up late for the Super Bowl and then had trouble sleeping. Somehow I made it out to do some miles, and ended up getting in sub-10-minute miles for the whole run, which is fast for me these days!  

Tuesday: 4.03 miles and ab workout, 2 miles walking – B and I got in a Valentine’s lunch date/walk, and then I was able to get in another walk later in the day with GM. The weather made it easy to get outside several times that day!

Wednesday – 4.37 miles and ab workout, ~3 miles walking   – It was 68 degrees on Wednesday!! I was so happy to wear shorts on my run, and then go for 2 walks later in the day – one without a jacket during lunch, and then another with LM and FW before dinner.



Thursday – 5ish mile run outside and ab workout — My Garmin started getting wacky, so based on my time, I’m guessing I really only got in 4.7 or so miles. But I’ll go with the Garmin for this one. It was chilly out compared to Wednesday, but I felt strong during the workout. 

Friday –  2.66 miles running and core workout –  I had planned on taking a few days off, but when I woke up I decided to get in a few miles. I had just over 25 min before having to get FW up for school, so I got in a quick and short run. It started snowing and blowing while I was out there, so I was happy to only be there for a little while – I hate when the snow gets in and stings your eyes!

Saturday – 3.1 miles running. Before the day of kid activities, I got in an easy 5K. It was COLD out, but I wore three shirts and extra mittens and nearly felt okay. My feet were pretty cold and stiff but after about 2 miles they did finally warm up. My parents were in town and they were able to watch the kiddos/feed them breakfast while I ran, and B got to sleep in. Win all around!

Total mileage:  27.89 mi

Questions for you:

  • Did you get a taste of spring (and then return to winter) too?
  • Did you observe the Super Bowl or Valentine’s Day?

I am linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.

9 thoughts on “The Weather in the Land Goes Up and Down

  1. It wasn’t warm enough here for shorts! But I did appreciate the warmish weather in between the cold days. What a wacky winter! Nice that you were able to get the kids out for a stroller run. I cannot wait for the paths to be clear.

  2. We watched the superbowl and enjoyed the game. We were skiing over V-day and ended up having take-out for dinner in our suite, so not really romantic but fun nonetheless!

  3. Spring is definitely coming here. Gorse in bloom, daisies, bulbs coming up, and more. They are still talking about snow. But that weather phenomenon they are talking about can just as well cause… nothing. So I’ll enjoy spring.
    I’m so glad you’ve had some warm weather to enjoy. Seasonal or not, it IS pleasant with some warmer weather. Those photos of you and your kids are lovely!

  4. Yeah for shorts & sunshine. We had some warmer weather here too, especially for February. I was working Valentine’s Day so didn’t do much. I never really embraced stroller running when my kids were little. I had one, and I did it, but only on days I absolutely had to. I always think moms that run with strollers are truly badass! Nice work.

  5. Aw, I miss doing Valentine’s for A’s classes.

    Great week. We had some warmer days, and then back into the 40s and now I don’t know where we are.

    Mr PugRunner watched the Superbowl, and we went out for lunch for Valentine’s Day. That’s not a big holiday for us.

  6. Your weather sounds as wacky as ours. It’s supposed to get up to the high 70’s on Thursday and down into the 30’s with a possible wintery mix on Saturday.

    What a cute little mushroom garden next to your daughter. Are there little ferries there, too?

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