Mid-Week Long Runs

I’m onto week 5 of half marathon training, and on the schedule this week was a 9 mile run. So, I decided to do it Tuesday morning before work. I’m starting to really enjoy my mid-week long runs – it’s great to get them over with, great to have the full weekend to get things done and go to kid activities, and I don’t mind the feeling of accomplishment as I start my Tuesday after an early run!

But I’m getting ahead of myself.  First, here’s how March went:

I finished March with 134 total miles, which is my most mileage in a month since August. It definitely helps that the weather is (for the most part) getting nicer and I’m starting longer runs with training again. 

I did my 8-10 minute core workout 4-5x each week, which was my goal. I’m so glad I’m keeping it up!

And now this week. My training goals for this week were:

  • Speed training: 7×400 m
  • Long run: 9 miles 
  • Core work most days (8-10 min videos)
  • 2-3 other runs, 30-50 minutes each

Here’s how the week turned out:

Sunday:  5.6 outdoor miles running + ~3 mi walking during the day  – I went out for a run before GM woke up and it was a great idea. You ever have those mornings where you’re running and you just feel …. great? Everything felt great to me on this run for some reason. I was tempted to just turn it into my long run for the week and keep going, but alas, the day had to start so I ended up at 5.6. Not bad! The weather was sunny and nice most of the day, so I took a walk with the kids to a playground and then got in another solo walk at naptime. 

Gorgeous day for a run!


Playground time!


Monday: 7x400m (for a total of 3.81 with warmup/cooldown) and core workout plus ~1 mi walk later in the day – I was TIRED waking up and had a hard time getting out of bed, so I decided to do my speed workout to shake things up. I’m definitely not as fast as I used to be. I remember in years’ past I would aim for under 8 min/miles for my 400 meters, but alas, I came in at around 8:10 or so for each one. 

Tuesday: 9 mile run and mini ab workout, plus walk with LM and GM later in the day –  I was so happy to get in my long run on Tuesday! I wasn’t sure it was going to happen, but I got outside earlyish, and the weather was cool and clear. I ended up getting in a nice 9 mile run and felt pretty good during the whole run!  

Wednesday: 4.02 mile run and ab workout, plus 1 mile walk — My legs were dragging this morning, but it’s to be expected after a 9 mile run and 22,000 steps on Tuesday. I did a slow run with some walking in between, and then got in some steps on the treadmill while working from home. I love being able to put in some miles on the treadmill – slow miles of course – while doing work. It helps my brain work sometimes!  

Thursday: 4.06 mile walk/run, ab & arm workout, plus lots of walking during the day – I was tired during my run, but felt better later in the day, so that I did some walking while working and then got in a walk with the kiddos later at night. I ended the day somehow at 26,000 steps! I haven’t hit that number in a WHILE.

Friday:  3.6 miles and ab workout –  I was ready for Friday, and surprised how good my legs felt despite getting in so many steps the day before.

Saturday:  3.36 easy miles run    I set my alarm so I could get in a run before kid activities. I was lucky that it was in the 50s when I woke up at 6:30 – I haven’t seen that in a while and got to run in capris and a non-winter jacket. And it was light out! Even though I was tired, it was a nice morning for a run (before our school Easter egg hunt, which included other types of running around).

Total mileage: 33.46 mi

Questions for you:

  • Which day do you typically do your long runs?
  • Did spring finally appear near you?

I am linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.


10 thoughts on “Mid-Week Long Runs

  1. Nice week of running for you–I’m always amazed that you get it all in with kids and work! I also do my long runs on Sunday. Getting ready to head out for my 9 miler (on the trails) as we speak!

  2. You really had a good running week! Those “feeling great” runs are fabulous. Very well done with the long run on Tuesday. Here spring has come, and now when the weather is better (we’ve had rain and strong winds for so long) I suddenly realised that spring has even come further than I knew.

  3. You’re doing great racking up that mileage.

    I like Saturdays but sometimes weather gets in the way and that messes up my running week.

    No spring yet!!!

  4. Great job on the weekday long runs! I really struggle with those because I hate to rush after my long run — I want to bask in the glow of the endorphins and enjoy my coffee, not dash to work. 😉

  5. Nice mileage! I’ve done long mid-week runs on occasion, but they’re tough unless it’s summertime (with the early morning daylight & warmer temps).

  6. Very solid week for you Melissa! Way to get all the runs in there. That’s a great idea to move your long run to mid-week if that’s where you have the most time. Flexibility is everything!

  7. So my long runs have been shaking out on Mondays or Wednesdays. But then it’s done and I don’t have to worry about it! Yay!

    Looks like a great week and the gorgeous weather certainly makes it so much more pleasant!

  8. Nice job on your runs this past week! To answer your questions, it’s looking and feeling very much like spring here and when I ran marathons I almost always ran my long runs on Saturdays with my friends and those I coached.

  9. I think Spring really is making it’s way to Ohio! My ghostly white legs aren’t ready for it. I’m prepared with some self tanner though 😉 Saturday’s are the long run days for most runners around here, with our training groups. I like to the get really long runs out of the way on Thursday or Friday, because those are my days off work.

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