Finally Feels Like Spring

We did it – we finally had a full week of springtime weather! No snow, no ice, and despite some rain, some gorgeous days.

Of course, I loved this and took advantage of it as I could. After dinner walks with the kids, early morning runs (without winter clothes!), and lunchtime strolls all made an appearance this week.

My training goals for this week were:

  • Speed training: 40 min tempo run
  • Long run: 9-10 miles 
  • Core work most days (8-10 min videos)
  • 2-3 other runs, 30-50 minutes each

Here’s how the week turned out:

Sunday:  5 outdoor miles running + 1.5 mi walking during the day  – I went out for a run before GM was up again, and it was great to be outside. It was cooler than it had been, but still a super sunny day with blue skies. It was warm enough, though, to walk to a playground with the kiddos later in the day as well.

View from the run


Monday: ~40 minute tempo run (total of 4.1 miles) and core workout plus ~1.5 mi walk later in the day – I got in my Monday speed workout, followed by a nice afternoon walk. It was another gorgeous day and I was grateful to again get in a walk around the lake near my house.


Tuesday: 9 mile run, plus ~1 mile walk later in the day –  I was so happy to get in my long run on Tuesday! I wasn’t sure it was going to happen, but I got outside earlyish, and the weather was cool and clear. I ended up getting in a nice 9 mile run and felt pretty good during the whole run!  

Wednesday: 4.04 mile walk/run and ab workout, plus 1.15 mile walk — My legs were dragging again (a pattern for Wednesdays), but again, after 9 miles and almost 22,000 steps thanks to some walks, I wasn’t surprised. AND it was warm for me – it has been in the 30s and 40s when I get up to run – it was in the 60s, which I was definitely not used to! So I did a SLOW run walk and then a little treadmill walking while working to keep the legs loose throughout the day.  As much as I’d love an official treadmill desk, I’ve found that I’m able to use my treadmill for certain activities and it’s great! 

almost 70 degrees before 5 am?


Thursday: 4.26 walk/run, ab workout  and then 1.7 mi walk later in the day – GM didn’t sleep well Wednesday night, meaning I also didn’t sleep well, and I considered skipping this run. But I got up and outside to help clear my tired head. My legs were still feeling a little tired so I did a bit of walking, but ended up at a little more than 4 miles for the run. That night, I was also able to get in a walk with the kiddos and we saw a beautiful sunset!

Friday:  4 miles run + 3.22 min walk –  The kids were off school, so I got to sleep in before getting out for the run. This meant it was already sunny outside! Then, when the kids were napping, I took a 3 mile walk. 

Saturday:  3.66 easy miles run    I got in a short run before the weekend kicked off and my feet were tired.

Today – Happy Easter to those who celebrate! We have Mass, Easter egg hunt and then brunch so a busy day planned. I may need to take a day off before next week – I’ve been running daily and getting in lots of walks, averaging almost 20,000 steps a day, so it may be some time for a little rest!    

Total mileage: 34.09 mi

Questions for you:

  • Did you get in any spring break travel?
  • How many steps do you get in a day?

I am linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.


10 thoughts on “Finally Feels Like Spring

  1. No break here. No spring either. But it’s coming. Supposed to hit 80 on Friday.

    Great week of miles.

    I’m easy back. And it’s going well.

  2. I sure miss those days when the boys would wake up to find their Easter baskets! It’s going to be a very quiet Easter for us. Both of my sons are out of town, as is my father in law. My parents are coming over. How things have changed! I will get in a run with my trail group this morning, which makes me happy.

    Happe Easter!

  3. Since the pandemic, my travels have definitely taken a hit. I went to FL last fall for work, it was hardly relaxing though. We are going to Africa for safari in June though so I’m looking forward to that. Nice job getting all those steps in!

  4. Isn’t it great to finally have consistent spring weather! I’ve gotten in the habit of wearing my Garmin most days now (not just for runs…who AM I???). It tracks my steps but I seldom pay attention, LOL. I’m on my feet at work a lot of the time, and am pretty disciplined about getting morning/evening walks most days, so I know my numbers are significant.

  5. I love the blue skies in your photos! Sounds like a great week- nice job getting that long run in on a Tuesday. Your day today sounds fun but exhausting- I hope you get a day off soon.

  6. You had a great week of training despite some restless nights! My goal is to get in 15,000 steps per day, but keep in mind that I’m a trainer so I’m moving around all day with clients, not sitting or standing at a desk.

    Happy Easter!

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