A High Week

This week, we were back to our routine and normal schedule. Though it was hard waking up early again, I somehow got in a record-high week, 35 miles total. I cannot remember the last time I got in this many miles in one week – definitely not in 2023!

Here is what was on the schedule for this week: 

  • Speed training: 40 min tempo run
  • Long run: 11 miles 
  • Core work: 3-5 days (8-10 min videos)
  • 3 other runs, 30-50 minutes each

Here’s how the week turned out:

Sunday:  4.51 miles  – After our mini vacation, it was good to sleep in, and also good to get in a run on familiar turf. I got in some miles before a full day of catching up on laundry, a birthday party, and dinner with B’s family. It was a gorgeous day and I got to catch a photo at some of my favorite cherry blossom trees, which were almost past their peak.


Monday: 40 minute tempo run, ended up at around 4.55 miles, plus core workout   – With FW being off school for the week, I got to sleep in an hour later than usual. The extra hour made SUCH a difference and I wasn’t nearly as tired waking up. 

Tuesday: 3.4 mile run plus core workout  –  I didn’t get in much running on Tuesday – I was too tired! I really enjoyed the extra hour of sleep while FW was off school. At least there’s 1.5 months until summer!

Wednesday: Long run day! 11.03 mile run and core workout plus 1 mile mid-day walk and post-dinner walk — new step record of 30,000 steps! – I felt pretty good on my run, and got out earlier than I anticipated. Which is a good thing — in my head, I had 10 miles planned. When I got to 10, I felt good and had more time (see “got out earlier”), so I decided to do one more. It wasn’t until I got home and was looking at my training schedule to cross of my run that I realized I did have 11 on the agenda. Whoops!  At least I got it in!

Thursday: 4.21 miles run, core workout, plus ~4 miles walking during the day   – My feet and legs were tired on my run, so I didn’t get in the full 5 I was hoping for. But later in the day I did 1 mile on the treadmill while working, and then at lunchtime got outside for a 3 mile walk in the sunshine. I even saw a bunch of turtles and a blue heron on my lunch walk!

Friday:  4.02 miles run, core workout and 1 mile walking later in the day – I was tired on the run but super excited to be wearing shorts! It was in the mid-60s when I went outside, 70s during our family walk, but then cooled down later on and rain came in after a beautiful few days.


Saturday: 3.3 indoor miles — I woke up to rain and 40 degrees, so I opted to get in a short run while B took the kids to get donuts. Then it was off to ballet for LM, and then to FW’s first track meet for the season.


Total mileage: 35.04 mi

Questions for you:

  • Did you get in some heavy rain or snow this week? I was glad it wasn’t snow!
  • Do you feel like April flew by? I can’t believe next week is the last full week!

I am linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.


7 thoughts on “A High Week

  1. What a great week you had and how cool that you felt good and ran the extra mile to make it 11 even though you didn’t realize 11 miles were on your schedule.

    We were supposed to have terrible storms, rain, hail, etc. all afternoon yesterday, but only got an hour of so of moderate rain. We’re dry here and desperately need the rain.

  2. Congratulations on such a productive week! Yes, having the kids off school REALLY helps- summer is coming up. That’s funny about adding on an extra mile to your long run, then realizing it was on your plan all along. Well, it worked out perfectly!

  3. Yes, crazy weather (tons of daily wind), but minimal rain and weird snow last Sunday (that didn’t accumulate). Wishing summer would get here pronto!

  4. Wow Melissa, 30 000 steps in a day! That’s a lot of activity.
    April is definitely passing by very quickly. The weather has been quite nasty here with a lot of wind and rain but it’s settled down lately and we have lots of sunshine now. That always picks up the mood even if the temperatures aren’t as high as I’d like them to be.

  5. This month has been SO FAST! What is happening?

    We have had some nasty weather, and I am pretty over it. I just want cool mornings, and clear skies. Is that too much to ask for?

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