New App for Lovers of Cleveland, Walking AND History

I’m really excited about this new app I just came across – the Cleveland Historical App, available for Droids (and their ugly stepsister, iPhones, too).

According to the website, the site was developed by the Center for Public History + Digital Humanities at CSU. I haven’t tried it out yet (but I did download it!) but I hope to use the app to explore various areas of Cleveland (downtown and outside downtown) and get a historical perspective. I plan on taking a walk and seeing where my phone leads me! The site says, “Explore the city’s rich history through the GPS-enabled map, curated walking tours, historical essays, archival photos, oral history audio, and documentary films.”

The GPS is currently not working on my phone (ugh) but once it’s up and running again I can’t wait to try the app out fof myself.

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