Weekend Update: A Relaxing But Active Week in the CLE

While my parents and brother are out gallivanting in Paris on vacation (it’s okay, you can feel sorry that they left me behind), I’ve been spending my days working and running. Yup, it was a pretty average week with a few late nights and a few short runs (I’m still only on like week three of my half marathon training schedule). But when Friday night came, I was super pooped and looking forward to a relaxing weekend. Which we had.ย Here’s just some of the awesomeness that went down this weekend.

B and I hung out at on the Mall in Cleveland. I still can’t believe when people say they don’t like downtown because there are no green areas. What’s this?


More view of the Mall. What a gorgeous day, huh?

B and I went for a run. Well, first I went for a run with Kelsey and Cari – we did a slow 6 miler (it was Cari’s first 6 miler!! woowoo!!). But my Nike+ stopped working – so nobody will ever know ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

But then that afternoon B went for a 5k, so I decided to join him. Check out our split times – I can’t believe it, those are my fastest times ever!run

We played catch. Yup, I put on a softball glove and tried to catch some softballs. “Tried” is the key word.ย playing catch

Then we put down the softballs for some golf balls and hit the driving range. I’m not much better at golf. I think I’ll stick to running!20130803_170944

B is much better.20130803_170410

What’s that? Doesn’t sound relaxing to you? Oh okay, there was also some movie watching, including this:


and this:

And some retail therapy. Can;t wait to try out these new running clothes!

NEW running clothes! 2 pairs of shorts and a pair of capris.

NEW running clothes! 2 pairs of shorts and a pair of capris.

How about you? What did you do this weekend? Did you get in any long runs? Any chick flicks? Enjoy the wonderful weather outside?

Hope you had a just as enjoyable weekend!

7 thoughts on “Weekend Update: A Relaxing But Active Week in the CLE

    • Hooray for trying out the driving range!

      AND You’ll definitely have to check out that green space! I would love to walk by one weekend and see people on blankets, picnicking, throwing around a softball/football etc. It’s definitely underused right now.

  1. Love any post about CLE…I miss my hometown ๐Ÿ™‚ Is that green area near the new Medical Mart?

    Good job getting in your runs and staying active. Gotta love summer!

  2. you did a 5k after our run Saturday?! You go girl! p.s. that route ended up being 7 miles back to my place, maybe I took a wrong turn? haha

    also! i just got my very own set of golf clubs this weekend! which range did you guys hit up? I told Nels he’s taking me out this week to hit some golf balls!

    • Ha yes! I was super lazy all afternoon and didn’t get out of my clothes and then when B went out for his run I decided to come with him. AND it was a PR!
      Congrats on the new golf clubs!! We ended up just hitting the driving range down in Valley View – which was MORE than fine with me ๐Ÿ™‚

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