Today’s What I Ate Wednesday post is a FRIDAY. Alas, it wasn’t an overly exciting Friday-  just your standard workday Friday.


Breakfast was egg whites and veggies. I know – shocker. I’m a creature of habit 🙂


Lunch was mishmash – leftover spaghetti squash with homemade tomato sauce and basil (yummmm!) as well as a pre packed salad with a store-bought veggie burger.


Snacks that day included some super salty almonds (Yum!) and more spaghetti squash. This time with honey and cinnamon. I forgot to take a picture (thus a photo of the empty container).

20150717_145422 20150717_172156

B and I had a long run planned for Saturday, so we opted for a low key Friday night. I love vegan food before long runs, so we tried out a new restaurant. The food was pretty good – I had a sweet potato veggie burger wrapped in collard greens.



And of course, I had to have dessert. I made myself a mini bowl with a bunch of random treats – white chocolate chips, banana bread, chex and chocolate.


That concluded my Friday. As always, click on the badge below to see what WIAW is all about.

Some questions for you:

  1. What do like to eat the night before a long run? Anything vegan, typically. Wraps, sandwiches, salads etc. YUM!
  2. What’s your typical Friday night? This wasn’t typical but it was nice to stay in for a change!
  3. Have you ever had spaghetti squash in a sweeter manner, like I did?

18 thoughts on “WIAW #24: TGIF!

  1. The dessert picture caught my attention but the spaghetti squash with honey intrigued me…. I never heard of doing that.. must be delicious since you finished it all 😉

    I honestly don’t know what I’m supposed to eat the night before a long run so it’s usually pasta with a light garlic oil sauce for me. Are you vegan? I have to read your blog more. My husband and I did vegan for 6 months and loved it. Typical Friday night we make homemade pizza. If you are looking for a cheeseless vegan pizza, I found a really tasty one in Alicia Silverstones The Kind Diet that is basically fresh raw raddicchio on top of a cooked pizza crust drizzled with truffle oil, salt and pepper. It’s way more amazing tasting than it probably sounds. And I guess I answered your question already about spaghetti squash :).

    • I’m not vegan (definitely a carnivore:)) but for some reason, I love vegan meals, especially before a long run. I know some people can’t do veggies before running but they’re perfect for me!

      AND I don’t know why, but I love spaghetti squash with some honey and cinnamon. It reminds me a bit of baklava.

      • I’m definitely going to have to try spaghetti squash that way!

        I am with you. I love vegan meals as well, I just got way too busy and overwhelmed to be a strict vegan!

  2. That wrap looks so good. I never think to buy them but maybe need to give it a shot. Funny you mention the long run and nutrition issue…I have been thinking I need to try eating differently prior to my longer runs and see if it makes a difference. I have done the pasta thing prior to a half and felt so sluggish and it didn’t work for me. I am trying to play with different fuel during races/runs right now. Such a challenge to find things that work well for your body.

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