Weekend Update: That Time I Hosted Ladies Craft Beer Society

You guys. I had people over my apartment. I invited people over!

I guess it shouldn’t be a big deal  – but it sorta is. I don’t know why, but B and I rarely invite people over. Maybe it’s because we don’t have a ton of space. Maybe it’s because I despite cleaning. Who knows. What I do know is I do like entertaining, preparing food and drinks and baking, etc. and that’s pretty much what I did to get ready for this weekend’s Ladies Craft Beer Society. Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself. Here’s a little about our weekend.

The weekend was pretty low key. Friday night, B and I decided to go to the movies and see the Martian. I really liked it. We hadn’t seen a movie in a few months, and this one, in my opinion was perfect. It was funny. It had some suspense. It made me feel good. Yes, I’d recommend it on the big screen. (Sidenote, my dad read the book and liked it. If you like books with a lot of science – they toned down some of the science in the move – you’ll enjoy it)

Saturday morning I got in a short workout, about 5 miles walking/running on the treadmill, while B did some Insanity Max 30. He has been doing the Insanity workouts and while I’m sorta jealous how good  workout he is getting, I am also intimidated by the workouts.

After that, we hit up the Market for a few groceries and then it was time for me to prep for Ladies Craft Beer Society (LCBS). When the ladies came over, we enjoyed some pumpkin beer (Warlock for me!), snacks and then it was time to craft!

I made pumpkin cupcakes.

I made pumpkin cupcakes.

and pumpkin sugar cookies.

and pumpkin sugar cookies.

and tomato zucchini cheese pie.

and tomato zucchini cheese pie. (see to the right – those are pumpkin deviled eggs –  they look like pumpkins!)

cuoghi made mini pumpkin shaped pizzas

cuoghi made mini pumpkin shaped pizzas (and aforementioned deviled eggs)

food setup

food setup

ladies doing their craft

ladies doing their craft

Warlock pumpkin beer and finished cork pumpkins!

Warlock pumpkin beer and finished cork pumpkins!

After LCBS, B and I got some Chinese food with his parents. No pictures, but as always, Wonton Gourmet was delicious. I was pretty full from LCBS, but still able to enjoy some food of course.

Sunday morning it felt so good to sleep in! Right after I woke up (no alarm!), I saw that Mary was planning on running 12 miles so I decided to get in a few with her. I figured I do 6 – 8 and run at least half with her, but I decided to go for 9. It was so gorgeous out, sunny and upper 60s – perfect fall running weather!

9 miles

In the afternoon, B and I did some meal prep and then it was time to see Dave and Anson’s new baby! Anson gave birth on Wednesday to Celia Jane and she is perfect. Isn’t that a beautiful name? So adorable and so tiny. I’m not used to holding infants, but I didn’t freak out too much. Just a little bit.

B, me and Celia Jane Rosenfeldt :)

B, me and Celia Jane 🙂 Me not freaking out about holding a baby

Yes, I’m one of those weird girls that is seriously scared by babies. I know it will go away but they are just so tiny and I’m so scared of hurting them!

Adorable. And tiny!

Adorable. And tiny!

For dinner, we ended up getting lasagna at B’s parents house. I love pretty much all Italian food, so I love a good lasagna 🙂 And gelato and biscotti for dessert!


A pretty perfect weekend. The only thing that would’ve made it better was more outside time to enjoy the great weather – like apple picking or fall hiking. Oh well – maybe next weekend?

Some questions for you:

  • Do you like holding babies? Or do they make you scared?
  • What’s your favorite fall dessert?

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