WIAW #38 – LOVE me some hummus

I haven’t been feeling the vegetable love lately. I know – shocker – I tend to eat tons of veggies, starting my day usually with eggs and veggies and spinach, having a salad for lunch AND plenty of veggies for dinner. But not lately. But what I do love is hummus. I don’t eat it NEARLY enough and I’ve been realizing that lately. Anyway, for this week’s WIAW, I knew I had to have some hummus in my life.

Since I wasn’t in the mood for veggies in the morning, I decided on something sweeter – some yogurt, berries and some mixed candied nuts on top of the yogurt. I saw some limited edition apple cinnamon greek yogurt and tried it out. Not bad! Enjoyed it with some herbal tea.


Lunch was semi-on-the-go. I had a busy day and didn’t have time to take a real break, so I opted for some almond butter, cashews (not pictured), crackers and an apple.

20151110_185832 20151110_110757 snackapple

Before dinner, I had some more tea and part of a chocolate chip cookie. So good.


I also tried some of these flavor changing Tic Tacs. They start out tasting like peach and then go to lemonade flavored!


For dinner, B and I hit up Aladdin’s and I finally got my hummus fix! We started with pita and hummus and then I got the baba ghannouj wrap.

20151110_173118 20151110_174103

And that was about it! A perfectly delicious day. Without too many vegetables 🙂

Some questions for you:

  • Do you like hummus and baba ghannouj? Which do you prefer?
  • Do you find that some days it’s hard to get in all your veggies? What do you do?

10 thoughts on “WIAW #38 – LOVE me some hummus

  1. I’m not sure if its more to do with the time of year, or maybe “over doing them” on occasion, but I most definitely go through phases where a salad or vegetables are the last thing I want. Definitely happens more in the winter, but I also just think it makes sense if we are used to eating a lot of veggies.. our bodies need to change things up! And soon we’ll be back to craving them, which then feels refreshing. Hummus is something I don’t seem to buy anymore, yet I do know I like it. I’m not sure why. And I LOVE baba ghannouj but hardly ever have it. Hmm. I think I have a new craving.

  2. Hummus runs in my blood. Baba ganoush is pretty great too but it’s hard to find vegan and I am too lazy (busy) to make my own. I do have my own hummus though, but also when I go to restaurants, if it is offered I usually partake as well 😛 Never enough haha
    My coworkers like the pumpkin yogurt too. I never thought it would work but hey, if it’s good don’t argue.

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