Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon Race Entry Giveaway

Guess what – it’s MY week! This week, I am the Ambassador of the Week for the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon. Woop woop!

AND that means I’m hosting a race giveaway! I get to give away FREE entry into any of the race distances the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon is offering during race weekend.

How to enter: Simply leave a comment below telling me what distance you would choose to run AND one fun fact about you. Want an extra entry? Follow me and the Cleveland Marathon on Instagram (@koskim and @clevemarathon) and/or Twitter (@koskim and @clevemarathon) and leave another comment saying you’ve done so! The giveaway runs through 12 p.m. ET, Friday, April 1 (no, not an April Fools trick!) and will be notified via email.

In the meantime … for those of you finding me for the first time, here’s a TINY bit about me:

    • I love running the Cleveland race. The past several years, I’ve run the half marathon. As much as I hate the shoreway portion (and don’t we all?), I love the race. The people, the sites, the cheering and of course running through this city!
my awkward race photo from the Cleveland half last year

my awkward race photo from the Cleveland half last year

  • I’m not from Cleveland. I’m originally from New York but have lived in Cleveland for 8 years now. Despite doing indoor track (unsuccessfully) in high school and going on a few runs in college, I didn’t really get into running until after college – and now I’m hooked!
  • I’m not running the marathon or half this year- because I’m 7 months pregnant. That’s right – but I’m still running! I’ve signed up for the 5k 10k challenge series and hope to be able to complete those two races while 9-ish months pregnant on race day.
Yup - there's a baby in that belly (who is getting used to these runs!)

Yup – there’s a baby in that belly (who is getting used to these runs!)

And I’m still running. Here’s a little recap of last week’s runs:

Week of 3/20: 21.12 miles 

Sunday: 4.26 miles
I probably could/should’ve gone outside, but I wasn’t in the mood for another cold run after Saturday. So I opted for a run/walk on the treadmill while watching Bosch on my phone.

Monday: 0 miles!
Had to be at the dr office early so I decided to take the day off. I still managed to get my goal steps in, though- 12,000 is no easy feat when you aren’t working out!

Tuesday: 7 miles! Indoor walk and run.
Longest walk/run of the late! I probably got in about 5.5 or so running with a cool down and some walking along the way. I never used to count walking in my mileage but now when it’s part of my workout, I do!

Wednesday: elliptical day. 1.5 mile jog.
Legs feeling tired, opted to just shake them out in the elliptical.

Thursday: 5.1 m run/walk. Emphasis on the walk.
Legs still feeling a little heavy, so I opted to run/walk indoors. Planned on using the elliptical again, but the machines were in use when I wanted to go on and when they opened up again, I decided to just stay with the walk and run.

Friday: 0 miles running
Took it easy on the legs this morning and did the elliptical for 45 min and walked for 30. Didn’t want to quite take the day off but wanted to give the legs a little rest.

Saturday: 3.26 miles running OUTSIDE
I didn’t REALLY want to get outside, as it was 30 degrees and breezy, but I wanted to get in a few more miles to make sure I hit 20 for the week. I’m glad I did – I didn’t feel GREAT the whole time, but I averaged 9:26 min/mile for the run with the last mile being the fastest (maybe because the great feeling of having to pee went away around mile 2.25 … or maybe because I knew I was almost done).


And that was it – 20+ miles and 5 days or runs. NTS!

No questions for you this week – just don’t forget to enter the giveaway!

  • Leave a comment below telling me what distance you would choose to run AND one fun fact about you!
  • Want an extra entry? Follow me and the Cleveland Marathon on Instagram (@koskim and @clevemarathon) and/or Twitter (@koskim and @clevemarathon) and leave another comment saying you’ve done so!  Giveaway runs through Friday at noon ET.



21 thoughts on “Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon Race Entry Giveaway

  1. I’d love to do the half marathon. I just moved back to the area and I think it would be a great way to see everything that has changed in Cleveland. Fun fact: three days after finishing the Chicago Marathon, I tore all the ligaments on the top of my right foot as a result of sitting on my foot at my desk. I stood up while my foot was still asleep and my whole foot twisted. Talk about timing! If this happened a few days earlier, I wouldn’t have been able to run my first marathon. Thankfully, my foot healed without any issues.

  2. I would love to win an entry to the half marathon!
    Fun fact: I was a collegiate rower who thought running was a form of punnishment, and now I am in love with running!

  3. I would love to win an entry to the half marathon!
    Fun fact: I’m a triathlete training for my first half ironman. So I like to run after I already swam and biked.

  4. I’ve only been running for a year and a half and I would have never called myself an athlete. I’m a musician, junior high band director, and mom of 2. I found that I needed something only for me and it was running. I’ve come sooo far. When I started I couldn’t run continually for 2 minutes. Running has taught me so much about myself. I’ve learned to push myself and live myself. I really can do anything I put my mind to and it’s amazing! Every step of it! Since starting I’ve run 10 half marathons and I would LOVE to conquer the Cleveland Rite Aid Half!

  5. Sweet! I would love to do the full marathon, it would be a great excuse to get back up to Cleveland! I’ve only been to Ohio once, for Rev3 Cedar Point full iron in 2014 and would love to get back. My wife especially loved going to see the indians play.

  6. I would love to win an entry to the half marathon! My fun fact is that I started running only this past July and I’m running my first long race in 3 weeks – the 10 miler!

  7. I am already signed up for the full, but due to lack of training (for many reasons), I’m going to cut back to the half. I’ve run this race a couple times and loved it. I need to get back out there! I started running at 45, when I was challenged by a friend. I HATED running and never thought I could. I proved myself wrong and was hooked.
    By the way, you look great and congratulations on your little one.

  8. I plan on PRing the holy crap out of the half. I ran my first ever half in Cleveland on a broken ankle with the x rays to prove it!

  9. Its so funny…I love being able to run on the shoreway and see the lake during the race…its so pretty! And then after a little bit I hate it. And then I get hot. Then I want another water stop. But its weird how you forget about the bad parts after the race and how much you love it!

  10. I would love to win an entry for the half ! Fun fact : I ran my first half last year after awhile of being stagnant ( since high school and I’m 23- yikes) hoping to run this year with my aunt who’s doing the full- sand I have grad school commencement that same afternoon afternoon. I followed u on both accounts on Instagram 🙂 thanks!

  11. Would love to run Cleveland half for the first time. Fun fact: I’ll be running my first destination half marathon in 5 weeks at Myrtle Beach.

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