What I Ate In Boston

Happy What I Ate Wednesday! The day for sharing a checking out a random day of eats (and spying on all of your food too…because I love seeing what everyone eats).

These are my delicious meals from B and my day in Boston. We spent a day there this weekend for our anniversary, and did a lot of walking know lot of great eating!

Breakfast at a coffee shop. I also had part of the scone with B.


After a lot of walking around Newberry Street, a celebrity sighting, and the Isabella Gardner Museum, I was hungry. B had not planned lunch on our itinerary, but I managed to convince him to stop here. We split a lobster roll and chowdah.


I squeezed in the quick stop at David’s Tea on the way back. It was my first time there, and oh my goodness. I love tea, and this place did not disappoint. If it hadn’t been so crowded and slow service, I definitely would have ended up with some to bring home!


And then a romantic anniversary dinner in the north end. Mussels, pasta, and of course cannoli another treats for dessert.

20160430_18380320160430_185008 Snapchat-7928469452754181201

For only having one day in one of my favorite cities, it was pretty perfect.

Some questions for you:

  • What is your favorite type of meal to eat out for a date night? I love so many different types, but do find Italian the most romantic!
  • Favorite Italian dessert? Always will be cannoli. Followed by gelato!

10 thoughts on “What I Ate In Boston

  1. I LOVE David’s Tea! If you like green teas, the sweet almond green is fabulous. It’s probably my #1.

  2. David’s Tea really does have the best tea. I’m drinking a cup of Ashikubo green tea as I read all these WIAW posts. I just wish that place wasn’t so expensive! I’m not a huge Italian fan. But if you ever find yourself in the Los Angeles area, there is this AMAZING Italian restaurant called EATalian that you’ll have to try for a date night.

  3. happy anniversary! i’m a fan of Boston as well and need to get myself there at some point again. such a charming city. sounds like a great day.

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