Wintry Weekends (One Sentence Per Photo)

And just like that, we blinked and it’s mid-December now! Here’s how our weekend went, one-sentence-per-photo style.

Friday nights that start with beer and wine (and this ceiling view) are pretty awesome.


And it has been too long since we had homemade pizza.20161209_210626

Starting him on reading young (the book ended up in his mouth one second later).


These are actually pretty good.


Look who FW met for the first time!


Sushi on weekends is always a great idea.20161210_192826

And it’s that time of year – Christmas pageants – this one, with my niece!


And that about sums up our weekend. Some questions for you:

  • Have you tried the new M&Ms? What is your favorite kind of M&M? My favorite will probably always be peanut butter!
  • What’s your favorite children’s book?

Per usual, I’m linking up with ErinKatie and the weekly wraps.

6 thoughts on “Wintry Weekends (One Sentence Per Photo)

  1. I saw you on the weekly wrap and noticed that picture of the M&Ms! I want to try those so much- they sound pretty yummy. That homemade pizza looks good too, and your family photo turned out great :).

  2. So I know they’re called coffee NUT, but I was not expecting a peanut in the middle. I thought they were ok. I’m still a traditional dark chocolate or almond girl though. And omg homemade pizzas, we need a night with that bc yours looks amazing!

  3. Cute pictures!:) I love making homemade pizza! We went out for pizza on Saturday and it wasn’t very good, all I could think about was my pizza at home! Want to try those m&ms!

  4. I need to try that flavor of M&M. I “grew up” eating Peanut but I honestly have yet to meet a flavor I do not like. I’ll have to admit my favorite children books to read to the kids were those with fewer words. LOL. Goodnight Moon was a good one. That’s a great family picture with Santa. Thanks for linking, Melissa!

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