A Week in Atlanta

B, FW and I just got back from our first extended vacation as a family of 3! It’s still funny to say that … anyway,  we spent a few days in Atlanta taking in some sights, doing all the touristy things and eating as much southern food as possible.
20170208_180932I’ll first say,  don’t be fooled by all the smiling photos.  Traveling with a 7 month old is no easy feat.  They are not interested in museums,  breweries or nice restaurants.  They’re cranky of they don’t nap and go to bed early (or in our case remind you they want to go to bed early when you keep them out too late).  That being said, it was a great first family vacation.

Some of the highlights-
Checking out the Olympic Park. FW liked the fountains especially. 20170206_163328

Going for long walks and taking photos along the way.20170208_105739

While I didn’t run daily like I do at home, I did get in 2 runs, including one outside one day. It was 60 degrees and humid- so different from Cleveland in February!20170208_110729

Getting in some local beer tasting.20170208_171634

Going to the World of Coca-Cola. 20170208_130122 20170208_140740

The last room features a taste of 100+ flavors of Coke products from around the world! 20170208_142522

Visiting the Martin Luther King Jr home and memorial. 20170207_114116


Seeing what the hype was about at The Varsity. We ate our weight in hot dogs, peach pie, chicken sandwiches and onion rings. 20170209_131738

A little hotel gym run.20170209_085057

The Civil Rights museum. Also checking out the human rights exhibition.20170209_123331

I love going to local markets wherever we go. Atlanta’s Municipal Market was a small market but I got some tasty tea, pralines and popcorn!20170209_164028

Though we weren’t out after dark too much (see previous statement about baby who likes to be in bed by 7), we did get in a few nighttime walks.img_20170208_185659_051

All in all it was a great trip. It had a little of everything I like in a vacation – some relaxing, good food, walking around, warm weather and of course some runs!

I’m linking up with ErinKatie and the weekly wraps.

5 thoughts on “A Week in Atlanta

  1. I had a family reunion in Atlanta over the summer but I didn’t even end up going into the city all weekend! Glad you had a nice vacay with the family.

  2. What a fun trip! I know what it’s like traveling with a baby! Especially one who’s on a schedule! We always look for markets, too 🙂 as you know, haha! How did it compare to yours- other than small?

  3. I grew up near Atlanta but haven’t been in a few years. Everybody used to go to a place called Underground Atlanta. I’m not even sure it still exists but it was located near the old Coke Museum (which may have moved). Anyway, there are a lot of things to do in that area. Next time, be sure to visit the neighboring Stone Mountain! FW will love it when he is a wee bit older! Thanks for linking, Melissa.

  4. What a great time in Atlanta! I’ve never been to the Coke place but I’ve heard neat things about it, like coke does not taste the same all over the world.
    I got to hand it to you, you always seem to find the neatest places. Great job with the little one too!
    I agree with Holly, Stone Mountain is really something to see! I spent Christmas there in 2015!

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