Sick toddlers and sunny Sundays

Whew. Having a sick toddler is tough. I’ll start out this post by saying that. Because that is how my weekend started out: nonstop snuggles with FW and caring for him, since he had a fever that started Thursday morning and didn’t magically go away after Motrin, as we hoped (got the call from daycare Thursday afternoon to pick him up).

So, my Friday mostly looked like this. After a short run in the morning, we were mostly sitting on the couch. Except he was mostly on my lap or in my arms. B was traveling for work and I had sick toddler duty.

We spent the day coloring and watching movies, something we don’t typically let FW do. It was in the 50s, but even when I took FW outside, he just wanted to be held.

B got home late and thankfully brought us Indian food for dinner! With FW in bed, it was eaten on my lap while we watched some Glow on Netflix.

Saturday morning, we took FW to the doctor. He of course seemed to be feeling better there and afterwards, so we decided to go out for breakfast! We went to Jack’s and I had some great challah French toast.

We also decided to go for a super short walk. It was near 50 degrees and it was nice to get outside and run around for a little bit. 

That afternoon included a long nap from FW, along with some cleaning. He was sorta helping …

For dinner, we took B’s grandmother out! We went to a place they used to go when they were kids, which had some good bar food. FW even ate some of his grilled cheese – well, he ate the cheese off the bread …

After dinner we decided to stop for a quick detour a the Container Store. We hadn’t been before and it was a new place for Francis to run around at. They have a wall that is just garbage cans!

The Container Store just happens to be right next door to a local ice cream shop, so of course we had to make a quick stop. I had the caramel fudge brownie and hazelnut – both flavors were great! 

Sunday included some running, napping, grocery shopping and enjoying a little time outside.

B, FW and I all went for a run together! B pushed FW in the stroller and we discovered a new path near our house to run along.

I had to stop and get a pic of the frozen lake, above, with the blue sky. A picture-perfect day for sure!

We finished 5 miles, which is the longest run I’ve done this year! It was 40 degrees, so FW may have been a little over bundled up 🙂 But he’s finally feeling better, thank goodness. Fingers crossed that he stays healthy for the rest of cold and flu season.

We finished the day with dinner with B’s family per our usual Sunday tradition. It’s always nice spending the evening with a home cooked meal among family and FW always enjoys seeing his cousins!

Some questions for you:

  • Do you have any Sunday traditions?
  • Favorite ice cream flavors?

I’m linking up with the weekly wraps!

9 thoughts on “Sick toddlers and sunny Sundays

  1. I like fudge brownie flavor as well. Cake batter is another one of my favorites. I wouldn’t normally go out for ice cream in the winter. It just reminds me of a summer activity. Glad to hear your little guy is feeling much better. Yay for your 5 miles. How is that watch treating ya?

  2. I”m glad to hear your little guy is feeling better. I am a pediatric nurse practitioner and I have been seeing a lot of really sick kids this winter. I keep hoping that this warm spell helped to get people outside and into the fresh air!

  3. Man, that crud has really been knocking people to the ground this winter. Glad he’s feeling better. There’s nothing worse than a sick toddler (except for maybe a sick husband. lol) and it just really sucks when they’re sick.

    I’m normally a vanilla girl but that menu says fresh mint chocolate chip so I probably would have gone with that. I’m a sucker for mint and chocolate together!!!

  4. I’m glad FW’s illness didn’t last long and you were able to all get out and enjoy the weekend. Congrats on your longest run this year. It’s rare I eat ice cream, but I used to enjoy the Triple Caramel Chunk our neighborhood parlor had. Sadly, they closed. Thanks for linking!

  5. My daughter is 18 months (which is just a bit younger than F) and it’s so hard when she isn’t feeling well! They can’t communicate what hurts, etc. She was just teething and maybe picked up some crud from daycare which meant she ran a temp, wanted lots of snuggles and wasn’t eating like her usual self. So hard! My husband was traveling for work, too, when it started! I feel you! I’m jealous of your warmer temps. This weekend I took my daughter and dog out for a walk when it was in the 40s to get some fresh air. (we live in MN and it’s been pretty cold) Keep up the good work, Momma!

  6. Having sick toddlers can be so hard. They can’t tell you what’s wrong and often we don’t realise how bad they have it until it hits them hard! Fresh air always helps though!

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