Tuesdays on the Run – Feeling Better

Happy Tuesday! This week I finally started feeling better and my cold was gone. Aside from a few headaches here and there, I felt good enough to get in a few runs.

Here’s a bit how the week looked:

My legs were tired after Friday night’s 5k and Monday morning’s run was a little painful but my fastest yet!

I was pretty proud of the time. The rest of the week was back to normal, though, and slower.

LM and I got to enjoy a run/walk to the lake one day, too.

I am going to miss this SO MUCH when I go back to work next week!

Some questions for you:

  • How many days do you run?
  • Did it cool down near you this week?

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4 thoughts on “Tuesdays on the Run – Feeling Better

  1. So glad you’re feeling better! It’s hard to be sick and take care of kiddos too. It has not yet cooled down hr but they’re talking about a major drop in humidity in the next few days. I’m all over that.

  2. Nice job on your runs! I am still not running currently (BOO), but fortunately, the weather is starting to cool a little bit in Philly. It’s still too rainy/gloomy/humid for my taste, but at least it’s not 90 degrees!

  3. I try to run every day when my schedule allows. However I do not have two little ones so it is a little easier for me. But still I think you are doing awesome getting back into running so quickly after having your little bundle of joy. Great job!

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