I Don’t Love Fall, But Fall Running Has My Heart

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t love fall. Pumpkin spice lattes? Meh. Boots and jeans and sweaters? I’ll pass for shorts and a t-shirt any day. But fall running? Okay, you got me there – fall running is quite possibly the best running there is.

Why? The weather’s not too hot, it’s not too dark out, the scenery is most often pretty and the weather’s perfect for working on your speed.

Which may be why this week was such a good week in terms of running!

Some highlights:

I ran the farthest I have since LM was born! 6.22 miles to be exact. AND I felt pretty good the entire time. I was also happy with my pace – I haven’t been consistently at 9 something minute/miles but to do it for the whole 10K? I finished feeling so good!

Here’s how the week worked out:

One stroller run, one treadmill run (there were thunderstorms) and mostly outdoors. I am getting so spoiled being able to run outside- I am NOT looking forward to the cold and icy winter that is coming!

Some questions for you:

  • What is your favorite running season? Least favorite?
  • Will you run outside if there are thunderstorms?

Double the linkup today! I’m linking up with the weekly wraps and linking up with My No-Guilt Life, Marcia’s Healthy Slice, and MCM Mama Runs. 

9 thoughts on “I Don’t Love Fall, But Fall Running Has My Heart

  1. Hands down my fave for running is fall. That said, summer is back here with a vengeance. Temps pushing 90 with gulf caliber humidity are not my cup of tea in October. I’m just glad this stuff wasn’t here for the Chicago Marathon. That would have been ugly. While I would not go out running in a thunderstorm, I certainly have been caught in them.

  2. You had a great running week. Good for you! And a stroller run??? Kudos. They didn’t have jogging strollers when my kids were little. Running at that time was my only “me time”, my best escape. I needed 30 – 60 minutes to be alone. My kids even followed me into the bathroom at times! 🙂 When I went out the door to run, I was assured of a little privacy.

  3. I like Fall running too but sadly our Fall is only a couple of weeks around Thanksgiving. LOL. Our mild winters are probably what you’d consider fall-like and I really enjoy running that time of year too. Great job on the 10k and your week. How do you fit it in being a Mom of two littles? Thanks for linking.

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