Winter Weekends in the Heights

In the Heights … yes, I’ve been listening to Lin Manuel-Miranda and have In The Heights in my head. The songs are so catchy and the movie trailer just looks great to me! And it makes me think of warmer days and being outside …

But I digress. It’s not warm here and we were not outside much. But we still had a good weekend in OUR Heights. It was equally productive, festive, active and fun, which makes for a pretty good weekend in my book. Some of the fun included:

Friday afternoon at the library. I have 8 days of vacation left this year, so I took off early a few hours on Friday and picked up the kids and headed to the library! We had a great time playing with their toys, the puzzles and of course reading and picking out some books to bring home.

Friday night then included some Thai food. LM even ate some of the noodles from my pad see ew.

Saturday was mostly a productive day. B spent much of the morning deep cleaning our house, so I tried to keep the kids entertained. Unfortunately it was pouring rain out, so we were mostly stuck inside, trying not to get in B’s hair. So, we did some reading, yoga and then some.

I also got in some holiday baking — and finished some treat packs for gift giving (Teachers, neighbors, etc).

It finally stopped raining in the afternoon, so after dinner — our favorite pizza AND my first Christmas Ale of the season! — we went outside for a walk to check out some of the holiday lights.

Sunday morning included a treadmill run. FW usually goes with my on stroller runs, so for part of my time on the treadmill, he decided to sit in the stroller next to me, which I found adorable.

In the late morning, we headed over to our friendsJoey and Lulu’s house — it was their 2-year-old’s birthday party! Maddie’s party even included some cookie decorating, which was too much fun (for me). FW enjoyed it for a little bit, and then LM just wanted to eat frosting.

As part of the party, they asked people not to bring gifts, but instead, bring a wrapped book for a book exchange; and each kid would leave with a new book. What a great idea!

Then, after the party, we headed to B’s parents’ house for tree decorating, football and snacks.

And just like that, the weekend was over and we are a few days closer to the holidays!

Questions for you:

  • Have you done any holiday baking yet? What are you most looking forward to baking?
  • Do you have a favorite holiday drink?

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